Ole Miss gives South Panola trio a visit

It has been a whirlwind for all 22 Ole Miss commitments over the last 72 hours.

First, they learned that the head coach they committed to play ball for the next four to five years had been let go, then three days later they found out that the Rebels have a new sheriff in town.

How does the "Big Q" feel about the new hire?

"I am so happy they got Houston Nutt," commented Quinn Sanford. "I can not believe Arkansas let him get away after beating the number one team in the country."

Two Rebel assistants came by South Panola Tuesday morning to let them know where the Tiger recruits stand.

"Coach Hughes and Thompson came over here this morning to see me Tig, Bud, and Terrance (Pope). They told us that Coach Nutt was coming to our practice, maybe as early this week. He wants to tell us about himself and his style and everything. They made it clear that Coach Nutt still wants to sign us."

South Panola's Army All-American selection, Darius Barksdale, also heard some good news.

"They were telling Tig that he is going to be the next Darren McFadden. When they told him that, Tig looked at me and told me he could not wait to get over there," added the always personable, Big Q. "We love his offense. Me and Tig have been talking about it all day. I know they have sent a bunch of linemen and running backs to the league. It's all good now, Bud (Barksdale) is real solid too. We all are. We just can't wait to meet him in person."

In the meantime, the Tigers are getting ready for the North Half Championship game against Olive Branch on Friday.

"Oh, you know it is on," added Quinn. "We can smell number 5 (state championship). It is getting that time to put that ring on again."

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