Houston Nutt press conference - part I

Coach Houston Nutt's press conference. His opening statement.

Thank you so much. Boy it's a privilege to be here today. I want to thank the Chancellor, Pete Boone, thank y'all so much. I want to thank my family. As the Chancellor mentioned I have twins who are freshmen. I have one more son that's anxious to see this place as well. I want to thank y'all so much. My dad talked about the tradition of this place a long time ago – the Bruiser Kinards, Jake Gibbs, Archie Manning. I had the privilege to coach against Deuce McAllister, who ran a touchdown against us right out here. I didn't like it that night though. Of course I had the privilege to coach against a guy like Eli Manning. So the one thing I love about Ole Miss is the tradition. It's about tradition. And that's the reason I'm here, because I feel like this place can be successful. I feel like this place can win. And I want to tell our players, and I can't wait to tell them this afternoon, that's how you spell fun. The way you spell fun is W I N. That's what it's about. (Long applause)

I really love this auditorium. There are people everywhere (laughter). I just want to mention this. Our coaches, the coaches that come to Ole Miss, they're going to be difference makers, difference makers in the lives of an 18, 19, 20 year old. We want to win an SEC outright championship. We want to do those things. (More applause). But we're in the toughest conference in America. It will take an unbelievable commitment by everyone. That's faculty. That's our student-athletes. That's our coaches. I believe this, I believe we can do anything we want to do. I believe we have some coaches that can take you where I don't think you can go by yourself. It takes one heartbeat. It takes one team. Every single day we'll ask three questions. Can we trust you? Can we trust you to be an Ole Miss Rebel? Can we trust you to go to class and be on time. Can we trust you to turn in your homework? Can we trust you when somebody says drink this, and you know it's a lie, that you say no, because you have an awesome responsibility when you're a collegiate athlete.

No. 2, are you committed? Anybody can say hey Coach Nutt I'll come play for you. Anybody can say if you give me this many touches at tailback, I'll come play for you. Nah, I'm not talking about that type of commitment. I'm talking about 100 percent and giving it your all every single day. I'm talking about winning and the way you walk and the way you talk, every single day. Are you committed?

And the third thing is, and the most important question is, do you care? Do you really care about your teammates? Do you care about these beautiful buildings? The one thing I love about Ole Miss is I see these beautiful facilities and I see this indoor and I see the academic center and I see this beautiful stadium, and when I look inside that beautiful stadium I see those names and those banners and those championships. It gives me chills when I walk into this room and I hear you clap and applaud because that means this – it means you're hungry and that you're hungry for success. I'm so thankful to be here today.

So I'm gonna go back to three questions. Can I trust you? Do you really care? Are you committed? And if I can say to that student-athlete, yes we trust him, yes he's committed, then we're going to have a great relationship and it's going from daylight to dark. But you know what? We're going to make it fun. It's a fun game. It's the greatest game in the world, because you're going to get knocked down, but that's OK. As long as you get back up.

So I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to be your coach. I can't wait to meet the players this afternoon. So I'll stop right there, because I'm sure we have some questions, don't we? I'd love to answer some questions.

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