Marr hopes to still be a Rebel

Demareo Marr (CB, N' West CC, MS) - It was an up and down season for the former DeSoto Central star.

He had 10 pass breakups but failed to get a pick in his sophomore year at N' West CC.

"I had an alright year but I was hoping for a little bit better," added the 6' 2", 190 pound Demareo Marr. "They were not throwing it my way at all this year, but I did get 20 something tackles."

Marr committed to Ole Miss last June but the Rebels let go Ed Orgeron which left Marr wondering about his future.

"It is still the same with me. I still want to go to Ole Miss, but I have not spoken with anyone from over there since the change."

What are Demareo's feelings right now?

"Everybody said they were going to give Coach Orgeron two more years, but I kind of expected it when they they lost to MSU. I do not know much about Coach Nutt, but I did watch Arkansas play a few times this year. I loved the way their CB's play. They play inside man which plays to my strength."

What questions is Marr going to have for Coach Nutt when he gets to talk to him for the first time.

"I just want to ask him if I have the same opportunity to come in and start because I only have two years left. I also want to know how he feels about juco guys because I do not think there are many juco guy on Arkansas' football team. I was looking at their media guide, and I did not see many at all."

Demareo has two teammates, Alonzo Horton and Daniel Thomas, that are also committed to Ole Miss, while a fourth, Patrick Trahan, has been heavily considering joining them. What are their intentions now?

"We talk about it. Horton decommitted to Ole Miss and said it would best if I did not go there because the coaches left. He said I do not know how the new coaches will react towards me when I get there because they do not know anything about me, and I do not know anything about them. Thomas said he was still going to Ole Miss, and Trahan really did not say much about it. He asked if I was still going, I told him I was, and he said good because they play a lot of inside man coverage with their DB's. He knows that is what I am all about. But he really has not said one way or the other about what he is going to do now."

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