Impressed with Ole Miss visit

Chris Davenport (DT, Mansfield, LA) - Arguably the top defensive prospect at the combine that was held in New Orleans last Spring was just a sophomore at the time.

The Mansfield product measured in at 6' 4", 320 and ran an impressive 5.27 forty. But more importantly, he was quick as a cat off the ball and nobody could stop him.

It turns out that he was not just a "combine" prospect, as he actually dominated on the field as much as he did during the combine.

The 2007 campaign saw Davenport collect an eye popping 120 tackles, 20 tackles from behind the line of scrimmage, 18 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and 4 recovered fumbles.

There is no question that Davenport will be one of the more coveted players throughout the country next year, regardless of position. In fact, ranked Chris as one of their preseason national Top 10 prospects for the '08 class.

"I improved a lot from my sophomore year," added Chris Davenport who also chipped in 43 tackles, 7 sacks, 4 forced fumbles as a sophomore. "Last year I broke my elbow and that was kind of a struggle going into the year. Last year I had 43 tackles, so I set my goal to get over a 100 this year and I achieved them."

Davenport had a chance to take in an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi two weekends back and came away impressed.

"I loved Ole Miss. I liked the atmosphere and the people there. They are in a rebuilding process, but they do not have to rebuild as much as people think. They gave LSU all they wanted, so as far as talent, they got it. They just need a few more players. But they still could have beaten LSU if it were not for a few mental mistakes they made. Ole Miss is a good place."

If there was one thing that stood out about Ole Miss it would have been?

"Just the people. The people down there are real down to earth. Just because they do not know you, they do not treat you any differently. Everybody is just real down to earth over there. And the thing that I am going to base my decision on where I go to school is how their people act to you if you new. And from what I saw, they put in a lot of hard work over there. They have sent some good DT's to the league, so that is good."

Davenport also got a chance to take in another SEC game this year.

"I went to the AL/LSU game too. I learned that it is a lot of hard work playing on the SEC level. You have got to bring your A game every time you take the field."

Did Chris get a chance to talk to the Alabama coaches?

"Yes, I spoke with Coach Nick Saban and Bo Davis. They told me to keep up the hard work. That was about it. They wanted me to keep working hard and one day I could pay for Alabama. They told me all of the hard work would pay off."

Anyone else Davenport has visited or like to visit?

"I am thinking about going to Minnesota on December 8th."

Why Minnesota?

"That is where I want to go visit. They have started recruiting me. One of my favorite players is Marion Barber. He was a RB at Minnesota. I just want to see what it is like. I also hear they have a new stadium. They just got a new head coach. I am wide open in recruiting. Really, I never knew the recruiting process would get like this. I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride."

Which colleges have offered?

"Boston College, LSU, Ole Miss, and Southern Cal offered me a few weeks back. Alabama and La Tech are also recruiting me real hard. I get a lot of letters everyday from different colleges but I have not had the chance to just sit down and read them all. I probably get 40 - 50 letters a day. It would be impossible for me to keep up."

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