Nutt visits Marlon Walls

Marlon Walls (LB, Olive Branch, MS) - The 6' 4", 220 pound linebacker out of Olive Branch received an inhome visit tonight by the new Rebel head coach, Houston Nutt.

"He told me that he was really looking forward to getting me on campus," added Marlon Walls. "I did not know that he wanted me that bad, but he called me like 5 times after he left. I was not there but he kept calling. Finally he got a hold of me and told me that he was going to build his defense around me. That made me feel special."

One other thing that made Marlon feel special was this.

"I was the first person he went and saw for an inhome visit. That pretty much told me all that I needed to know. The only question I really had was how important I was going to be to him. I did not expect him to be that excited about me. He is just a real down to earth cat."

Anymore questions that the MS/Al All-Star selection have for Coach Nutt?

"I asked him how tough he was going to be, and he told me pretty tough. That is what I wanted to hear. We have the same goals and that is to get this thing turned around as soon as possible."

Does this visit solidify Walls' commitment to Ole Miss?

"Oh yea, I am keeping my commitment to Ole Miss. You know I have been a Rebel at heart for a long time now."

Marlon has been pretty active in talking to the rest of the Ole Miss recruits; will that continue?

"That's funny you asked that. Coach Nutt said a lot of the recruits were asking about me and asking if I was staying with my commitment. I did not know I was that important. I told him that I am going to round us up one of the best groups in the country."

Walls has had a few more colleges come by his school this week.

"Tennessee and Louisville came by this week. MSU came last week. Tennessee told me that Coach Fulmer was coming to see me Monday. I set up an official visit with them on January 11th and Louisville on January 18th. I am still going to Ole Miss on January 25th. I told Tennessee and Louisville that I was willing to talk to them but I know this is my final decision."

Marlon finished the season with 128 tackles, 32 hurries, 10 sacks, and 7 forced fumbles.

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