Ole Miss makes first contact with Marr

Demareo Marr (CB, N' West CC, MS) - The former DeSoto Central standout was left with a lot of unanswered questions when the staff he committed to was left go.

Those questions have been answered, for now.

"Coach Dameron came by to talk to me. He told me that he wanted to get to know me, and that he wanted to me to stay committed to Ole Miss," added the 6' 2", 185 pound cornerback, Demareo Marr."

Marr had heard earlier in the day that the coach who had recruiting him for Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze, was let go.

"I asked him if it were true Coach Freeze was not coming back and he said yes, but that I would really like Coach Nutt so give them a chance. I told him that I have some other places that I am visiting, but that I am going to stick with Ole Miss for now."

Which colleges is Marr referring to?

"Marshall came by after Ole Miss left, and Memphis is sending me a bunch of hand written letters telling me to keep them in mind. I am going to be setting up an official visit to both schools real soon."

What did the newly hired Rebel assistant say back?

"Coach Dameron asked me when I committed to Ole Miss and I told him June. He said that I needed to make my state proud help turn things around at Ole Miss. Coach told me that N' West CC was the first school he visited and that he made it a point to talk to me Daniel Thomas, Patrick Trahan, and Alonzo Horton."

What did the other N' West players say to Marr?

"I talked to Daniel right after I talked to the Ole Miss coach. He said he told him how he was making sure that he had his grades straight and how they want to use him. I think they are going to use him at RB."

Where does this leave Demareo's commitment?

"I feel pretty good about Ole Miss now. I wanted to know if they still wanted me to be a Rebel and they do. That is pretty much all I wanted to hear."

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