Nutt set to visit Juco TE

The 6' 5", 245 pound tight end from Navarro College (TX) has seen his recruitment drastically pick up over the last several weeks.

"Some new schools are looking at me," added Gerald Harris. "I just got an offer from Miami and Florida is going to let me know this week if they are going to offer. They are going to call me with a decision. I also got new offers from UConn, FIU, UTEP, and Utah."

Louisville and Kansas had offered earlier; what is their status?

"I have not spoken to them lately. My recruiting phase has completely turned around."

Which colleges are still in the running?

"The ones I named are the ones that are still in and trying to make things happen and Ole Miss too."

What is going on with Ole Miss?

"I have been in contact again with their new staff. They are still interested in me."

Any recent inhome visits?

"UConn and and Utah have been by."

Any future inhome visits?

"Coach Nutt (Ole Miss) is coming by on Sunday and Coach Shannon is coming by on Monday to talk to my family."

Gerald was leaning towards the Rebels after he took in an official visit in the Fall but a coaching change took place. What kind of effect does this have with Harris?

"They still interest me a lot. I loved Coach Orgeron and their staff. I was looking forward to working with him, but I like the things Coach Nutt got done at Arkansas and the opportunity he gives me. When I see Coach Nutt I am going to tell him that I look forward to getting to know him over the next couple of weeks."

Decision time is nearing as the early signing period starts on December 19th. Where next for Harris?

"I am going to Miami 14-16 and I might go see another school or two but I do not know yet."

Any leader up to this point?

"Miami and Ole Miss are at the top, as well as Utah. I am still interested in UConn too, and Florida is getting into the picture. I just do not have a good relationship with them yet, but I look forward to getting to know the Florida staff. Every school I listed, there is some interest, but not as much as Ole Miss and Miami."

What stands out about the Canes?

"They are known for producing NFL TE's. I have always wanted to go to Miami since I was like 8 years old. I just want to get to know Coach Shannon. I have never been there, but I want to check it out and see what it is all about. Just the tradition and having the opportunity to play for Miami. That goes a long ways. They are known for putting people in the league and having a lot of success once they are there."

And Ole Miss?

"It just has that homy feeling. I do not know how else to explain other than that."

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