A mother's perspective

DeAndre Brown, a Scout.com five-star wide receiver from Ocean Springs (MS), is wanted by just about every D1 program in the country. What is it like to be a parent of one of the more highly coveted recruits in the country?

"It is real hectic because I work full time, and it requires a lot of my time," added the mother of DeAndre Brown, Patricia. "I do not have enough hours in the day to sit down, research the schools the way they really need to be researched, and sit down and get to know these coaches and it get it all planned out. It can become overwhelming at times."

What does the mother look for when she is trying to find the best fit for her son?

Some one to entrust our child. We want him to go where he feels right at home. We want someone to embrace him so he can be taken care of. That is what I am looking for. Some colleges are all business, which I understand to a point, but I want him to be at home. I want it to be more personal."

One of the colleges that DeAndre is very interested in, Ole Miss, just experienced a coaching change. What kind of impact does this have on the Browns?

"With Ole Miss, or anywhere, you get change in anything you do. That did not deter us at all. If another college has a coaching change, it will not deter us from looking at them either. We can not just look at who is coaching them. It is all about them feeling at home. Sometimes in my profession, I might have a management change, but I can not just get up and change jobs every time they do. I will say this, DeAndre was kind of worried at first when he heard about the change, but he handled it pretty well."

The Rebels decided to keep the assistant coach who was responsible for DeAndre's recruitment, Tony Hughes. What was Brown's reaction to the news?

"Coach Hughes called us a few days ago to inform us that he was staying. I know DeAndre was real happy about it. Tony has been very kind to me and my family. He has built a real personable relationship with us and someone that I have a lot of trust in."

Has her son had a chance to set up his official visits?

We have not set them up because next week he is going to the MS/AL All-Star game and the first week in January he is going to the Army All-American game. DeAndre also has basketball coming up, so we just have to see when he can get in these visits."

It has been thought for quite some time that the three leaders for Brown's services are LSU, Ole Miss, and Florida.

What are Patricia's feelings on Florida?

"I have never been to Florida, and I have only spoken personally to one of their coaches, so I really have not had a whole lot of contact from Florida."

What about Ole Miss?

"When I visit that area; it is just so nice, clean, and gives you that quaint feeling like home. Just the overall area is so nice. I would make that my home if I did not live in Ocean Springs. I would love to raise my kids in that environment. It reminds me of Ocean Springs."

And LSU?

"It is a winning school. We like that aspect of it. It is a good college. I have never been to the school, but DeAndre likes the program because they are winning. And he likes some of their coaches too. I have spoken with several of them too, and they were all nice, in sorts."

Which staff has Mrs. Brown developed the closest relationship with?

"Actually Ole Miss. They are just so warm and nice. They give you that homey feeling. It reminds me of home away from home. Their staff is really great."

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