Coach Nutt has heart to heart talk with Gavin

Gavin Hardin (LB, Jackson, TN) - It has been a trying time for arguably Tennessee's top recruit.

After playing an injury riddled season, the school he had been committed to for almost a year recently let go the coaching staff he had committed to. But on Wednesday, Gavin had a chance to meet with Ole Miss for the first time."

"Coach Hughes (from Ole Miss) showed up today. He explained what is going on with the school and coaching staff."

Did the lack of communication cause Gavin to waiver?

"They had a lot to do with it. The staff had to come in from different schools, so it took them a while to get things together. That is why none of them had called me, but Coach Nutt called me yesterday. He seemed like a real cool down to earth dude. He explained why it had taken them a little time to get a hold of me. I feel better now that I know what is going on. It is all good now."

What did Gavin and Coach Nutt discuss?

"Coach Nutt told me everything is still good, and I am still wanted, and he had big plans for me in his defense. He said we are going to have fun and you spell fun "win". I told him I am still solid."

What did Coach Nutt say that impressed Gavin the most?

"It is not what Coach Nutt said, it is how he approaches you. He is not in your face coach. He is just laid back and a cool coach. I know all about Houston Nutt. He is from Arkansas, and I know he is already a winner. He is the man."

Does this mean that Gavin is back firm with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Yea, I have been solid (with Ole Miss), but you still have to weigh your options and look outside of football and see which school benefits you academically, but I am still solid, as solid as I was when I first committed to Ole Miss."

Has Gavin set up any official visits?

"I have only set up a visit with Ole Miss on January 1/25, and I think I am going to see Kentucky. There are so many schools. I have to narrow it down, but I know for a fact I am going to Ole Miss on 1/25 and I am going to schedule something with Miami in early January and I think Kentucky on 1/12."

Which colleges have come by Hardin's school to see him since the inhome visits started last Monday?

"North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Miami have been by last week and this week. Ole Miss came by yesterday."

What does Ole Miss have to do to completely shut the door on his recruitment?

"I really can not say. I have to make that decision myself. It is not what Ole Miss has to do, it is what I am going to do. Ole Miss has already shown me what is good. I have got to make the decision on my own."

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