Change of plans

The former Terrell (TX) high standout was scheduled to visit Miami this past weekend but those plans came to a screeching halt.

"Miami called me and told me that they had committed another TE, so that was that," added the 6' 5", 250 pound Gerald Harris. "I went to Utah this weekend instead."

Harris also had a midweek visit to Uconn from Tuesday through Thursday.

"It was nice at UConn. I had never been up North before. Their staff was great. They treated me great. The players were great. It was a great team environment. They are very structured and organized."

What stood out the most about UConn?

"The academic part of it and the relationship I established with their TE coach."

Gerald was also impressed with Utah during his official visit.

"Bryson Cain was my host. We played ball together at Terrell. He kind of showed me the ropes. It was a good visit. I met the staff and players. It is a good environment to go into. It is very much a team environment."

What did Harris like most about the trip?

"The scenery. It is beautiful out there. The people are so nice. The team treated me really well. I seemed to fit in real well."

Gerald had been leaning towards Ole Miss and Miami but that looks to have changed.

"It is pretty even between Ole Miss, UConn, and Utah now. I am going to analyze their academics, facilities, and coaching staff will be the second biggest factor, behind the academic side of things. I will also look at the players and campus environment. It will take my a few days to make a decision, but I should be ready by Wednesday."

Harris is a Honor Roll student and just graduated from Navarro College (TX) .

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