"Big Q" ready to bring the title back home

The 6' 1", 295 pound offensive lineman has never lost a game in his high school career and he does not plan on starting now.

"We are on a simple mission, and that is to beat Alabama," stated the always quotable Quinn Sanford. "We want to show everybody we can take the best players in Mississippi and beat the best players in Alabama. In the year's past, you were not always playing our best against their best because so many players did not play in it for this or that. But now, we are all here, and we are ready to show everyone that you can't beat Mississippi."

Sanford also wants to prove a couple more points.

"We want to show everyone how disciplined we are and how good of friends we have become in only a week or so. We have really bonded down here."

That bonding includes a large contingent of players who will stay together well after the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star game is over.

"It seems like everyone is going to Ole Miss down here. Everybody is ready to shock the country next year. We have all been talking about sticking together and winning a national championship for Ole Miss. We have just clicked down here."

Sanford has won four state championships at South Panola but this could be the biggest event he has played in yet.

"It has been nothing like I have ever experienced before. I am getting a good take on how it is going to be on the next level. During two a days, I had never worked like that before. The speed is so different here. They are all super fast like I have never seen before. This is how it is going to be like on the next level so it lets you know where you stand and where you need to improve."

What has Sanford learned about his own game?

"I have learned that anything I set my mind to, I can do it. I did not think I would be in shape to make it through two a days, but I made it just fine. I also have learned that athletically, I belong on this level."

Who is the best player the "Big Q" has gone up against?

"Wille Packer because he is real fast and quick. He gets me, and then I get him. We just love to compete against each other. He is real quick, like cat quick. I have to somehow stay in front of him to pass block. I have never faced anybody like Willie. I am glad he is headed up to Ole Miss with me."

There are also a few more players on Mississippi's squad that have stood out, outside the South Panola players.

"OL Tobias Smith from Columbus. He is real good. Both our QB's (#18 Bret Jefcoat and #16 Charles Rancifer) can throw the ball and are real athletic. I did not know they were anything like that. And RB Meco Brow, he might be little, but that boy can cut and go. DeAndre Brown, all I can say is that cat is for real. He can run like a little guy, jump like Carl Lewis and body you up like a big tight end. I have never seen anything like him before. Bo Tillman and Josh Tillman are for real too. Bo told me he had never been hit like I did him. We have become real close down here. Me and DeAndre have too. Really, all of us have become close. We are like a big family already. This is the best experience of my lifetime. I can't wait to tell my people back home about it."

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