Charles Mitchell updates his recruiting list

Charles Mitchell (DB, Clarksdale, MS) - Mississippi's 2007 Gatorade Player of the Year did not disappoint in the MS/AL All-Star game. He helped break a two year losing streak for the Magnolia state and led his team in tackles while getting a pick in the endzone to stop a scoring threat.

How did it feel to be a part of the class that revenged last year's embarrassing 51-14 loss to Alabama?

"It feels good, real good," stated the always soft spoken Charles Mitchell. "We have a lot of state pride over here, and I think we all just jelled and said lets quit letting Alabama do this to us. We knew we had the talent to beat them."

What did Charles learn about himself from the contest?

"I learned that I can compete and play with good talent around me. I think I am ready to play on the next level. I also learned that I can cover a little better than I thought I could."

Who was the best guy that Mitchell faced during the week of practices for the all-star game?

"DeAndre Brown (laugh). Chris Lofton was real good too. Yarbrough was good. I went up against all of the WR's except Alonzo Lawrence."

Who did Mitchell think was the best player, for either squad, regardless of position?

"Alonzo Lawrence. He has it all."

While Mitchell was able to gain friendships throughout the Mississippi squad while they were all staying on the same floor, practicing, and eating together for the week of preparations; he became really close with a select few.

"Me and Derrick Herman roomed together. We just clicked right from the start. Derrick is my boy. Alonzo (Lawrence) and DeAndre (Brown) too. Marlon (Walls) and I really clicked too. Tig (Darius Barksdale) and I were already close. All of us developed a great relationship in a short period of time."

Did the group that Charles hung out with talk any recruiting?

"Oh yea (laugh). They were throwing Ole Miss this and Ole Miss that at me the whole time. They want everyone to stay together."

Where does Mitchell now stand with his recruitment?

"I am still undecided, right now. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, and Memphis are still in it, and Nebraska just offered me tonight. They came by my school to watch some film the week I was in Mobile. I guess they liked what they saw."

When did Alabama get into the picture?

"They have been in the picture. They came by the school last week. Coach Davis said he would talk with their DB coach and watch some film on me.."

Mitchell attended several Ole Miss home games in the fall, two Ole Miss football camps in the summer, and Ole Miss Jr. Day and Spring game last Spring. Charles had naturally developed a close relationship with Ed Orgeron and his staff and had been leaning in that direction for quite some time. But then MSU was able to get Mitchell in for a visit for the first time in November, as Charles had never stepped foot on Mississippi State's campus.

Charles witnessed the Dogs upset Alabama and win in dramatic fashion over the Rebels.

Is it fair to say that MSU has made up some ground on Ole Miss since all of this transpired?

"Yes sir, I think it is fair to say that. It is not just because of the coaching change though. I went and stayed (at MSU) and liked what I saw and really liked the coaches. I think I can be successful at MSU."

Coach Croom wanted to capitalize on the momentum the Dogs had created so he came in for an inhome visit with Charles recently.

"Coach Croom came by. He wants me to make a decision. He said I was his guy, and that they were recruiting a lot more guys at my position, but he was going to hold a scholarship for me. He says I am their #1 guy. Coach Croom was pretty clear about that."

What does Ole Miss have to do to regain the momentum it once had with Mitchell?

"I am really waiting on them to do anything in particular. I am just going to take my visits, and on my visit, I want to get to know their new staff better, and I want to see what else they have. I have been over there a bunch, but there are still some things I have not seen."

Has Charles had a chance to talk to the new Ole Miss staff?

"Coach Dameron came by the school last week, and Coach Nutt called me this week. I think Coach Nutt is excited about coming in there and and turning it around. I think he is going to be committed to winning big at Ole Miss."

What is the number one thing that stands out about the three schools that are highest on Charles' pecking order?

"At MSU, they want me to play safety, and I like to play safety. They are headed in a new direction and they have a lot of talent coming back. With Ole Miss, they have a big time coach now. And Alabama, they have always been a good school. I do not think they had the year they wanted to have last year, but I think they are going to turn it around."

When will Mitchell take his official visits?

"I am going to MSU on January 18th, and I am scheduled to visit Ole Miss in early January, but I am going to reschedule it probably the weekend after I go to MSU. I am not sure about Alabama yet, and I am sure Nebraska will want me to come in now. I just have to get all of that set up."

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