A father's perspective

Kermit Tyler Sr knows all about the game of football as he played the sport for almost 12 years.

Currently, he has two sons playing for L.W. Higgins (LA). The oldest son, Kermit (Jr), is a 6' 4", 315 pound guard that is a three year starter and is committed to play for the University of Mississippi next season. The youngest, Ashton, is a 6' 7", 265 pound left tackle that is one of the state's top junior prospect.

The oldest son, Kermit Jr, has made a lot of progress from 11th to 12th grade.

"Kermit had a really good season," added the very articulate Kermit Tyler Sr. "He made 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-West Bank, 1st Team All-Metro (New Orleans), but he was left off of the All-State team due to politics. When he committed to Ole Miss, that pretty much eliminated him getting any chance to make All-State around here. We understood that from the beginning."

But the biggest news of the year came a couple of weeks ago when Kermit was selected to the All-American bowl on January 4th.

"He was really happy about that. To have a chance to play on Fox Sports and to be coached by Rod Woodson and Chris Carter. That is going to be a great learning experience for him. To have a chance to be coached by some of the NFL greats is going to be good for all of the players."

As proud as dad was to have his son play so well on the field, he is even more proud of what his son has been able to achieve in the classroom.

"He is college eligible, which really should not be a big deal. People complain about the standards being so high. I think they need to be even higher. These kids will always just try and get by if you set low standards. Kermit has never fallen below a 3.2 Core GPA, and he made an 18 on the ACT test. We are disappointed in the score so he is going to keep taking it until he makes a score that matches his intellectual capability and 18 is not it (laugh)."

Tyler had committed to Ole Miss last Spring before he ever visited the Rebel's campus, but the Tylers were no stranger to Mississippi and Oxford.

"My father is from Durant (MS). We know all about Ole Miss, its tradition ,and beautiful campus."

But the staff that Kermit committed to is no longer at Ole Miss. What does that do to his commitment?

"Kermit got a couple of offers when Coach Orgeron left. Rutgers, Southern Mississippi, and La Tech all offered him within 2 or 3 days after Coach Orgeron got fired but his heart is at Ole Miss. I told him before he committed to Ole Miss, to not commit to a college because of the coaches. They come and go. You have to commit to the school that you are most comfortable with, for all of the factors, not just one part of the equation. And once the new Ole Miss coaches showed him that they wanted him. It was a done deal. He is the type of kid that is not looking for a lot of media attention. He just wanted to be a Rebel. He text Coach Orgeron and told him that he was going to miss him, and that he really appreciated him giving him the opportunity to play for Ole Miss, but he was going to stick with Ole Miss. Coach Orgeron told him he needed to stick with Ole Miss. He said they were really about to be good, and he thought Coach Nutt was a fine coach. That showed a lot of class on his part."

When did the new Ole Miss staff first make contact with the Tyler family?

"Coach Markuson called him a few days after Coach Nutt was hired. He told Kermit that he watched his film and was really excited he was going to be a Rebel. Coach Nutt called the following week and told him that he was really impressed with Tyler's footwork and toughness. See Kermit came to the Ole Miss camp at 340. He was out of shape because he had been injured and was not active for the prior six months. But he worked hard this summer and fall in the weight room and is down to 315. He is in the best shape of his life. Coach Kim Dameron came to the school right before the dead period started and set up a visit for January 18th. We are excited to get to meet all of the new coaches."

The Tyler's had heard around the New Orleans circles that the facilities at Ole Miss were not on par with the rest of the SEC schools. They were pleasantly surprised when they saw the Ole Miss facilities for the first time this past summer at the football camp.

"We had heard their facilities were lacking compared to the rest of their campus. We got a chance to see them for the first time at their football camp. We have been to LSU, MSU, and several more schools, and their facilities do not touch Ole Miss'. The Fed Ex academic facility is second to none and they have such a beautiful campus. When you put in a lot of money into your facilities, and have the coaches now, the good players will come next. I think Ole Miss is a sleeping giant, and I think Coach Nutt is going wake them up. We have been following Coach Nut for a while."

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