'It feels good to beat Alabama'

Arguably the Mississippi/Alabama all-star contest was won due to Mississippi's defensive tackles, as they controlled the line of scrimmage which allowed their player makers to do what they do best, make plays.

But it was Willie Packer's constant pressure (6 QB hurries and 2 1/2 tackles behind the line of scrimmage) that set the tone for the whole game. Willie simply could not be blocked as he was too quick for any lineman they put in front of him.

What did the 6' 2", 275 pound defensive tackle think of his performance?

"I just did what I do best," added the always humble and quiet, Willie Packer. "I just got after it and played football."

Packer had one main thing on his mind going into the game.

"We really wanted to beat Alabama after the banquet we had down there. One of the guys said Mississippi needed a victory and kind of laughed at us. That really motivated us."

So how does it feel to beat Alabama?

"It feels good to beat Alabama. We had not beaten them in the past few years, and we had the team to do it. The coaches pushed us all week, and we are the type of players they needed to come out and do what they wanted us to do."

What did Packer learn about himself from the All-Star week?

"That I played good all season, and I am ready for the college level."

Who was the best player Willie went up against?

"The dude from Hoover (Matt   Jones)."

Did Willie get to bond with any of the players during the week?

"Yea, the South Panola boys (Quinn Sanford, Darius Barksdale, Bud Barksdale). They are good people. It's going to be a lot of fun playing with them (at Ole Miss)."

Does Packer remain committed to Ole Miss?

"Yea, nothing has changed. I am still coming."

Any official visits set?

"The only one I have set up is on January 25th at Ole Miss. Tennessee, LSU, USM, some others are still wanting me to come in and visit, but I am just concentrating on my books right now. That is the only thing on my mind."

How are Willie's grades looking?

"I am doing good so far. I am just trying to keep it where I am. That's all, just trying to hold steady."

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