Can Ole Miss land Patrick Trahan?'s 5 Star junior college linebacker made an immediate impact for N' West CC this season as he was named the Defensive Player of the Year for the state of Mississippi.

"It's a great honor," added the always articulate Patrick Trahan. "I worked hard this season to better myself and my team. It was mostly a learning year for me. I was humbled having to go down a level and attend a junior college, but it made me real hungry to get back to that D1 level."

The 6' 3", 225 pound New Orleans native was more than hungry as he collected 72 solo tackles, 24 assists, 4 caused fumbles, 2 returned fumbles, 13 QB pressures, 8 sacks, and 2 interceptions on the year.

"I really learned how to become more of a vocal leader, and I just wanted to be my own competition. I wanted to compete against myself to make myself a better player. I think I am a much better player than I was coming into here."

Those are mighty high words considering that Coach Tommy Tuberville said Patrick had the best Spring out of any defensive player he had ever coached.

"I owe a lot of credit to that Auburn staff for making me the man who I am. I take nothing but good things away from me with my time there. It was just time for me to turn a new chapter in my life."

Where will that next chapter be located?

"Well, it is mostly Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, and LSU right now. I was talking to West Virginia pretty seriously but Coach Rodriguez left. There are a lot of schools I talk to every day, but those are the main ones."

Have any official visits been set for the expected May graduate?

"I have some penciled in, but none are written in stone. I am going to Oklahoma State on January 5th and Ole Miss on January 12th."

Patrick grew close to the Ed Orgeron staff at Ole Miss as he attended several of their practices and home games over the Fall but they are no longer intact at the University of Mississippi.

Where does this leave the Rebels?

"I had a real close relationship with Coaches Wilson and Orgeron at Ole Miss. I thought the way they handled that situation with them was wrong, but I have to look at what is best for me. I know Coach Nutt from my playing days at Auburn and Coach Nix recruited me real hard out of high school. That is a big plus for me having Coach Nix there now. I am just looking forward to rekindling my relationships with those guys."

Trahan had a chance to talk with the new Rebel coaches recently.

"Before the dead period, I started talking to Coaches Nix and Nutt. Coach Nix came to see me right before the dead period started, and Coach Nutt has been calling me ever since. They are just telling me how I could be an impact player for their program. They think I can come in and compete for a starting spot and be an impact player for their defense."

Competing for a starting job is one of the aspects he likes most about Ole Miss.

"What really stands out about Ole Miss to me is the opportunity to compete for a starting job and it being a name program in the SEC. I also know Coach Nutt has a winning background. I think Ole Miss has the players to compete for the SEC championship next year. A lot of people might just look at Ole Miss' record and think that is crazy, but I went to a lot of their games. I have played in the SEC. I know what kind of players it takes to win in the SEC. Ole Miss has it. With the right things in place, they will compete for the SEC next year. And outside of football, it's just a great school. I have always enjoyed myself at Ole Miss."

When did Oklahoma State get involved?

"They started calling in early November."

What ties does Patrick have to Oklahoma State?

"Les Miles was there when I came out of high school. They recruited me out of high school, but none of the coaches they have now, recruited me then. I do not have any ties, really, I am just now getting to know about their new staff."

What stands out about Oklahoma State?

"I am really impressed with how much money they have put into their facilities. They are renovating the stadium and just doing so many things with their football program. It's amazing. It looks like a program that is on the rise, and they are looking for a just a couple more pieces on their defense to make them a championship team."

When did LSU get involved in Trahan's recruitment?

"I talk to LSU on and off. I have to see what their new defensive coordinator is going to do. It has been hot with LSU at times and not at other times."

Anybody else involved at all?

"Every time a school starts talking to me, there is a coaching change. I am just waiting for the bowls to play out."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I just want to go to a place where I can be showcased and be comfortable on and off the field. I also want to go to a place where my family is comfortable too."

Has Trahan's family had a chance to visit any of the schools he is interested in?

"Only Ole Miss', and they had a real good time. Hopefully they can see some more schools with me during my visits."

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