Ole Miss soft commit hears from Coach Nutt

Jamal Mosley (TE, Memphis, TN) - The 6' 4", 220 pound Kingsburry product committed to Ole Miss last summer, but with the recent change of staffs, had been waiting to hear from the new sheriff in town.

Contact was finally made.

"Coach Nutt called me on December 19th," added Jamal Mosley. "He just apologized with the hold up. He only had a chance to see a couple of the recruits in Mississippi because he was moving his family over from Arkansas. But he told me I was going to be the first person he saw after the dead period was over."

What did Mosley say back?

"I told him it was good to hear from him. I had been hearing a lot from their assistants, but it made me feel good to hear that I still had my scholarship from the man in charge. Coach Nutt made me feel wanted. He told me that there was a good opportunity for me to play as a freshman even though they signed a juco tight end. They only one returning tight end on their team, and he has no experience."

What are Mosley's thoughts on the situation?

"I am still going to take the visits (to Michigan State on January 11th, North Carolina on January 18th, Tennessee January 25th, and Oklahoma State on February 2nd), but if everything does not work out, Ole Miss is the home."

Does Mosley still consider himself committed to Ole Miss?

"Oh yea, for sure. I just want to see what else is out there. Ole Miss is my home. I just have never been anywhere else so I am going to check out a few places to make sure."

Did Jamal line up an official visit with Coach Nutt?

"No sir. I told him I wanted to set one up during the midweek after the dead period."

Why a midweek visit?

"My coach told me it was something he wanted me to do and coach Nutt agreed. I do not know why my coach wanted me to visit during the week. I do not understand it myself."

What was Mosley's first impression of Coach Nutt?

"He sounds like a real nice guy. I had already heard he was a good guy from some players around here who played for him. They say he is real cool. I was in shock when he called me, to be honest."

Have anymore colleges kept in contact during the Christmas break?

"Yea, North Carolina and Kentucky called me on Christmas to wish me a merry Christmas. Like I said, I will probably replace my visit with Michigan State on the 12th (of January) with Kentucky. I do not know how I am going to work all of these schools in before I sign."

Jamal caught 24 passes for 479 yards and 7 TD's as a senior.

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