Bayou tailback sets up first officiail visit

Brandon Bolden (RB, Baton Rouge, LA) - The Scotlandville Magnet tailback finished his senior season with 867 rushing yards and 11 TD's on 112 carries and was awarded with two All-Star game selections.

"I played in the Red Stick Bowl, and I was invited to the LA/TX Bayou bowl, but I do not think I am going to play in it," added Brandon Bolden.

What improvements did's #69 nationally rated tailback see in his game from junior to senior season?

"I was just healthier this year. That would be the biggest thing."

What would Bolden like to improve on from now until he reports to a college camp in the fall?

"My conditioning. I am not one to get tired a lot, but after a few series, I got tired just a little bit by the 4th quarter."

Has the 5' 11", 185 pound athlete had a chance to set up any official visits?

"I have one set up to Ole Miss on January 18th with my boys Dallas Thomas and Prentiss Waggner, but that is it so far."

Brandon has had the Rebels high on his list for quite some time now, but the staff he had grown close to, is no longer around. How will this effect Bolden's attitude towards Ole Miss?

"Well, when I first heard they got fired, Coaches Orgeron and Frank called. They told me to keep an open mind about everything. A week or so passed by and I did not hear from anybody on their new staff, but then they called me last week and sent a coach out here to talk to me. We just kind of picked it back up and are starting to get to know each other."

Which coach from Ole Miss came to see Brandon?

"Coach Dameron, the coach who was at ULM. He was suppose to start recruiting me for ULM. Now he is going to continue to recruit me for Ole Miss. It was weird how that came about. He actually called me once while he was still at ULM. He just kind of introduced himself to me, and then a week or so later he is recruiting me for Ole Miss."

What did coach Dameron say to Brandon?

"He wanted to see my transcript again, and he wanted to put a name with a face and get a copy of my highlight tape."

Anymore schools in the picture?

"Alabama is still sending a lot of letters, but I have not spoken to their staff in almost a month. I do not know what is going on with them."

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