Rebs have rhythm

Ole Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy has his team 13-0 as SEC play approaches rapidly. They seem to be in a nice little rhythm as they await the next challenge.

Good basketball teams have rhythm.

There's a certain flow to the movement of a well-orchestrated team.

It's like their heartbeats are in cadence.

Rhythm is defined as the regular recurrence of strong and weak elements, such as stressed and unstressed notes in music or movement.

While I'm sure Coach Andy Kennedy does not think his squad moves often enough in "regular recurrence," there is certainly a noticeable beat and measure to their play.

You can now see things not present earlier in the year. By rote, telepathy, osmosis, demand or brotherhood, we're not sure which, they now seem to understand the intricate movements each possess and you see glimpses of them looking like a five-tentacled squid.

The movement of each tentacle has a purpose now and it's more in synch with the others than at the beginning of the season. Earlier in the year, they were flailing around somewhat independently. Now, there's a definite smoothness and unity that is very detectable.

If you watch Kennedy and his staff, they are conducting the whole affair. Andy is pretty expressive and animated, trying to get just the right notes from his "band."

It appears he's striving for a level of perfection mixed with abandon and a dash of chaos to keep the opposition off-balance.

It appears he runs the gamut of emotions on the sidelines. He's rarely elated, sometimes pleased, sometimes content and sometimes expressively displeased. His signals are not hard to read, as a fan or a player.

It also seems apparent he places a high value on the point guard position and demands a high degree of excellence there. With the responsibility of handling the ball roughly 70% of the time comes scrutiny when that valuable sphere is treated haphazardly. He does not abide or suffer carelessness.

Freshman Chris Warren and senior Brian Smith are under Kennedy's microscope the entire game and he's not bashful to express pleasure or pain with their decision-making.

They set the tone and tempo to this basketball ballet we are witnessing. To this point in the season, from a layman's eye, they have passed the test with flying colors. We're sure Kennedy wants more, but he seems to be getting more with each test.

Eniel Polynice's penetration and deft dishing and Kenny Williams, Dwayne Curtis and Jermey Parnell's inside prowess add to the rhythm factor.

And now that David Huertas has found his stroke and Trevor Gaskins and Malcolm White are throwing in some pulsating movements of their own, the beat is gaining consistency.

Good basketball has a rhythm, a cadency Kennedy and company are striving for.

At times, the Rebels have looked like they get it. Their choreography is spot on. At times, the synchronization is off, but the ad lib can also be effective.

Nobody knows what the end result of this production will be, but with each game the rhythm of the team gets tighter and the players seem to understand the pulse and tempo of each other more and more.

You have to be excited with the beat Kennedy is laying down.

This rhythmic dance will be fun to watch the rest of the way in.

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