Josh Tatum switches from Arkansas to Ole Miss

The massive 6' 6", 315 pound lineman out of Marbury (AL) made it official last night when he decommitted from Arkansas and committed to the University of Mississippi.

"Yes sir, he told Coach Nutt last night he was going to be an Ole Miss Rebel," stated Tina Tatum, Josh's mother.

What was the selling point to switch commitments?

"It was pretty simple. It was coaches Nutt and Markuson. He fell in love with their energy and friendliness. They really connected when he went to their camp last summer. They have been talking to him weekly for almost a year now. They just have a very tight bond, and when it came down to it, there was no way he was not going to go where ever they were going. He committed to Arkansas because of their coaches. When Coach Nutt left, it was a downer for Josh. And then when Coach Markuson left, that was pretty much it. If Coach Markuson had stayed at Arkansas, it would have been tough on Josh. But when he officially said he was going with Coach Nutt, that was it. Coach Nutt called Josh and asked him what he wanted to do when he left (Arkansas). Josh told him he wanted to go where ever he was going. Coach Nutt said he did not want to part on bad terms with the Arkansas family because he loved that school so much but if Josh had to be with him, he certainly was not going to deny him that opportunity."

There was also one more selling point for Josh Tatum to attend Ole Miss.

"Ole Miss is so much closer to home. It is only four hours away from here and Arkansas was 12 hours. That also had a lot to do with his decision."

From a mother's perspective, what are her thoughts on the recent development?

"To be honest, I would rather have him closer to home. It is going to make it so much easier on me. I have a 9th grader that plays football too. If something goes wrong, now I can make the drive over there to Ole Miss. And I really think Coach Nutt is going to do big things at Ole Miss. We are looking for him to immediately turn that program around. We have complete trust that Coaches Nutt and Markuson are going to look after our kid like he is their own. What else could a mother ask for?" will be providing footage from Josh's senior season in the coming days.

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