Rebels make a jump with Alonzo Lawrence's #8 nationally ranked cornerback had been leaning towards Alabama, but the "Tide" has turned to Ole Miss. To learn more, click below.

The 6' 0", 180 pound George County product has seen his stock sky rocket after being named MVP for the MS/AL All-Star game.

Not only have new offers come in from Auburn and LSU, the phone calls have too.

"It has made it speed (recruiting) it up big time," added the always colorful Alonzo Lawrence. "It really has made it jump up a lot. Everybody is calling left and right, wanting to get you to answer all of these questions. Coaches, media, just every one. Every where you walk, people are coming up to you asking where you are going."

So where is Alonzo going?

"I wish I knew (laugh). I set up two more official visits though. I have one to Ole Miss on January 18th and LSU on January 25th, but I am going to have to change that LSU date because I have a basketball game that day. I am going to call them later tonight to let them know."

Which college needs Alonzo the most?

"Ole Miss really. Ole Miss, Alabama, and LSU. But Ole Miss seems like they need me the most because they want me to return punts and kickoffs, as well as play offense and defense. Coach Nutt is a pretty good coach, and he got Coach Nix over there now. I like Coach Nix a lot. We have been talking a lot during the (Christmas) break. He use to coach some of my partners at Southern Mississippi. We know a lot of the same people. They have all been talking real good about Coach Nix. I know if I go to Ole Miss I will be taken care of."

The same three schools remain at the top of Alonzo' list.

"It is Ole Miss, Alabama, and LSU."

What stands out the most about each school

Alabama - "I like Coach Saban because he is a dB coach. He makes you be your best, and that is the man who can get you to the league. I liked Coach Ron (Middleton) a lot. We were tight, but he left. I wish he would not have, but he did."

Is that a negative for Alabama?

"It kind of is, well, I can not really say. I am still going to try them out. I just want to play."

LSU - "I can fit in with those guys. They play a lot of man up coverage. I like how they play. If you go in there and do your job, you can start at LSU. Look at Richard Dickson."

Ole Miss
- "I got a lot of guys I played with at the MS/AL All-star game who are going there. We built a good relationship that week, plus it feels like I am at home because I have practiced and played with those guys. They were like playing with my regular teammates. We just clicked. Everyone is talking about winning some titles at Ole Miss together, so that is something I have to really think about."

Is there a new school who is trying to get into the mix?

"Southern Mississippi has been talking really good lately. I am probably going to try them out too. I like Coach Hughes a lot. So we are going to see how that goes."

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