Ole Miss staff makes impression with Alonzo

Alonzo Lawrence (WR/CB, George County, MS) - Scout.com's #8 cornerback is a hot commodity these days and the two favorites to ink him had good talks with the Lucedale resident this week.

"I heard from Ole Miss and Alabama," stated the always colorful Alonzo Lawrence. "I am going to Alabama Saturday. I had a basketball game so I could not make it over there on Friday, but I am leaving early Saturday morning to get over there."

What else did the Alabama staff have to say during his phone conversation with Alonzo?

"Not much, we just went over the itinerary for Saturday. That was pretty much it."

How about Ole Miss?

"Man, it was pretty crazy with them. They had their whole staff on the phone yelling and getting all hyped up with me. They were talking pretty good. Coach Nutt is cool. He let me talk to the whole staff so I could get to know everyone. It was fun. They told me that they want to play me both ways and let me return kicks and punts and stuff like that."

What was Lawrence's impression of the new staff?

"They are pretty cool. I know Coach Tyrone Nix from way back. He coached some of my boys at USM. He knows the same people as I do. They are pretty excited over there. They got a whole new staff, so they are getting to know each other, but you can tell they really have fun over there."

What does Alonzo's visit list look like after Alabama?

"I have one set up with LSU on 1/25 and Ole Miss next weekend (1/18), but I have to cancel my LSU visit because I have a big basketball game on the same day. I have been trying to get it changed, but we keep missing each other."

Anymore calls this week?

"I got a message from Tennessee, but I did not call them back."

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