Missed call could have made a difference

Ole Miss will make a formal complaint to the Southeastern Conference because of a missed call late in the Rebels' 85-83 loss at Tennessee.

The call, or in this case the lack of a call, occurred not more than 12 feet in front of where the media was sitting at the end of the court.

So how did the game's referees, and yes there are three of them, all miss it? That's what Ole Miss officials are asking. So they will be submitting a formal complaint to the SEC office concerning the following.

The Rebels and the Volunteers were tied 83-83 with just over half a minute to go. Ole Miss had the basketball and was attempting to score a basket in the paint for a two-point lead.

The particular moment in question is when Dwayne Curtis went back up for a shot off a rebound and appeared to be fouled at least once and probably twice on the play. His shot sailed over the basket, was rebounded by Kenny Williams, and a foul was called at that point on a Tennessee Vol player.

It appeared Williams could have been given two free throw attempts but in reviewing the video, the call was made as Williams was rebounding and getting into position to put the ball back up, thus making it an "on the floor" call as opposed to a shooting foul.

But Ole Miss officials aren't as concerned about that aspect of the play as the other, the one in which there was no call when Curtis attempted the shot. That would have meant there wouldn't have been any foul on Tennessee with Williams involved, either shooting or on the floor. The play would have already been over at that point.

Will the review by the SEC change the outcome of the game? Of course not. But Ole Miss is simply taking up for its own program and coaches and players by saying something important was missed by the game officials.

Ole Miss is saying that in a game this close, there should not have been as blatent a no-call as was the case here.

And Ole Miss is saying that should there be a bubble instance or a seeding situation come tournament selection time, then the damage resulting from the missed call should not be a negative factor for Ole Miss.

Had the correct call been made, the Rebels' Curtis would have been at the line, a 77 percent free throw shooter, as opposed to Williams, who shoots them at 53 percent.

Here is the You Tube link called Robbery on Rocky Top.

Robbery on Rocky Top

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