Ole Miss makes contact with Jamal Mosley

Jamal Mosley (TE, Memphis, TN) - The 6' 4", 220 pound Kingsburry product heard got a new scholarship offer.

"I got an offer from USM on Thursday," stated Jamal Mosley. "Coaches Wilson, Hughes, and Fedora called me and offered me a scholarship."

What did the newly hired USM staff have to say?

"Coach Wilson is the recruiting coordinator over there now. He use to be the recruiting coordinator at Ole Miss. And Coach Hughes, he was at Ole Miss too, so you know I am real familiar with those guys. They are just real interested in me down there. I said that is cool, and they offered me a full ride. They wanted to know if I was interested in them, and I said that was cool, and they are trying to set up a visit with me."

Where else will Jamal visit?

"I am going to Kentucky this weekend instead of Michigan State, and I am going to North Carolina next weekend instead of Tennessee. I am going to Oklahoma State January 25th, and I am suppose to take a midweek visit to Ole Miss right after that. I am trying to see what I am going to do on that last visit. I am thinking about USM or West Virginia. The dude that recruiting me at Kentucky is now at West Virginia. They just offered me too. They want me to come over to West Virginia, but I think it is going to be a little too late now."

Jamal had a chance to talk to the Ole Miss staff Thursday night.

"Coach Nutt called and had Coaches Shibest and Vaughn on the other line. They told me that they only had one tight end, and I am someone they had to sign. They are coming to my house on Monday for an inhome visit. They are going to talk to my mother about the coaching change because my mom doesn't know anything about it. My mom does not want me to go to Ole Miss because she does not know the new coaches, and she was real close to the old coaches at Ole Miss, but she wants to see what they have to say."

Is Jamal still committed to Ole Miss?

"It's soft, real soft. I am going to take these visits and make a decision when I get done with all of my visits. I am taking this one day at a time. I do not want to rush it and be at the wrong place having to transfer. I will sit down with my mother and talk about the pros and cons and see what is best for me and best for her also."

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