Can Ole Miss get a visit from Lavunce Askew?

Lavunce Askew (DT, Camden, Ark) - The 6' 2 1/2", 290 pound lineman had an outstanding showing at the Max Emfinger in Jackson (MS) last weekend.

"I had 3 sacks and a bunch of tackles. I came in hungry," stated Lavunce Askew. "It was a good experience. It got me a lot better. I went in last year for the Army All-American combine so I had some experience at these events."

Lavunce also had an outstanding senior season.

"I had 78 tackies and 7 sacks. I felt like I got better at everything. I was more polished. I got out of the box better."

Which position(s) did Askew play?

"Just defensive tackle. I am too big for DE now (laugh)."

What does Askew do best at defensive tackle?

"I have real strong hands and good speed for a DT, real good speed. My hips are real flexible so I can get off of the blocks easier. I recognize screens really well. It is real easy for me to recognize offensive plays. I just have a knack for knowing where the ball is going."

Lavunce took official visits to Oklahoma State (12/5) and Texas Tech (10/15) this fall, anymore on the docket?

"I might go to MSU sometime during the week. I am suppose to be going to Arkansas on January 18th, and I am going over to Tennessee today (interview conducted on Friday), and when I leave Tennessee, I might head over to Mississippi State on Monday and Tuesday."

Anymore schools in the running for a visit?

"Ole Miss and Oklahoma are trying to get me over there too. I do not know yet."

Lavunce committed to Arkansas when Coach Nutt was the head coach; has anything changed since that commitment?

"I am still committed to Arkansas. I have not decommitted. I just want to see some other schools. Arkansas had no problem with it, and that is even better."

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