Rebels still interested in Andre Wadley?

Andre Wadley (DT, Hernando, MS) - If there were any questions where Andre will play on the next level they were probably answered during the MS/AL All-Star game as the 6' 2", 270 pounder had an outstanding performance at nose guard.

"It felt pretty good playing down there," added Andre Wadley. "It did not bother me at all. It felt natural. I will probably be playing defensive tackle anyway next year so it was good getting a taste of what it is all about."

How good did it feel to beat Alabama in the all-star game?

"It felt real good, real good. This was the first time we have played the game in December, so we got that first one. Besides, we have not won in a while so we needed it. All of us gelled too from Mississippi. It was fun getting to know those guys."

What did Wadley learn about himself from the event?

"That I can play with different people besides my teammates. I learned a little more about nose guard, technique wise. I had to learn when to time my jump on the ball. Timing gives you a better jump on the ball."

Which colleges are keeping in weekly contact right now?

"I am going to Tennessee this weekend, MSU next weekend, and USM has been staying in contact. They want me to come in for a visit but I am not going."

Did Ole Miss drop off?

"Coach Nutt has not contacted me since he got there. I have not heard from anybody from over there since Coach Freeze left. Bradley Sowell told me that Coach Nutt still likes me, so I am just waiting on them to call."

Where does Auburn stand?

"Real high, nothing has changed with Auburn."

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