Foster receives the good news from Coach Nutt

The former Madison Central QB was waiting to hear about his scholarship status this week from Coach Nutt. To read about the verdict, read inside.

"It went great," stated an excited Jared Foster. "I am officially an Ole Miss Rebel. They gave me a full ride, so I moved in my things on Tuesday."

What did Coach Nutt tell the 6' 4 1/2", 220 pound athlete that runs a 4.52 forty and has a 36" vertical?

"He just told me that he wanted to start me at QB in the Spring and let me get my feet wet. I could be another Matt   Jones. Someone tall, rangy, and can make some big plays. But I told him I did not mind playing TE or where ever else they wanted to play me. I also told him that I would not mind taking a redshirt. I just wanted to be on the team. He told me that I was too talented to redshirt, but if I needed to, that would be an option. Like I said, I do not care, I just want to be on the team."

How does it feel to fulfill a life long dream to play for Ole Miss?

"Somebody pinch me that this is true. I can not tell you how good this feels. One day I am playing for MS Gulf CC and now I am playing for Ole Miss. I just thank Coach Nutt for giving me the opportunity. I have read a lot of people on your message board bringing up the past trouble I got in high school. Coach Nutt told me to not let those people bother me, that he was the only person who mattered. He said that he had complete faith that I was a different person now, and we all learn from our mistakes. That made me feel so much better about all of that. Now I just want to go out there and prove all of my doubters wrong. I know this, I will never let Coach Nutt down. He had faith in me, when quite frankly, not many others did outside of my family and the staff at MS Gulf Coast CC. I will miss those guys at MS Gulf CC. They were great people, but they fully understand my situation."

When will Jared sign?

"I waited too late to sign in the early signing period so I have to wait until February, but I am already enrolled at Ole Miss and will go through Spring practice."

Video from Jared's freshman season will be in the near future.

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