Johnny Thomas talks about Ole Miss visit

The 6' 0", 180 pound Oklahoma State commit took in an official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend.

How did the visit go?

"Well, it was much better than what I was expecting," stated the personable Johnny Thomas. "I have never been to this part of Mississippi, and I was expecting it to be more country, but it is pretty hip."

Thomas was also not aware of Ole Miss' rich football tradition.

"They have a lot of tradition down there, and they send a lot of dudes to the league. I already knew they had great coaches, but I did not know how successful their program has been in the past. I was looking at all of those conference and national championship banners and it kind of took me by surprise."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss?

"The people and the environment around campus and town. The coaches are read down to earth too. They are easy to talk to. I got along with the players too. They were real quick to get along with and they treat you like you are already a part of their family."

Thomas had a sit down with the coaches before he left to go back home.

"They informed me that they have a real young team, and that I would have a great opportunity to play early if I went there. They also talked about how their staff could get me to perform at a high level. They were real impressive."

Which position is Ole Miss recruiting Johnny to play?

"As an athlete. It could be either safety or running back. I do not care which position I play. I like them equally well. I bring a lot of experience on both sides of the ball."

Where does this visit put Ole Miss in Thomas' pecking order?

"It is pretty close. If I had to decide right now between Oklahoma State and Ole Miss, it would be a hard decision."

What is the number one thing the Texas City standout likes about Oklahoma State?

"I think the thing I like most about them is their school, program, and coaches, but I would have to say their overall athletic program and facilities. They have great facilities at Oklahoma State, but so does Ole Miss."

And Ole Miss?

"Their coaching staff and people."

Which college felt the most at home during his official visits?

"I would have to say Oklahoma State because you do not have to live in a dorm if you go to school there. I am not excited about living in a dorm. I am not too keen on using public rest rooms."

Did Thomas express this concern with the Ole Miss staff during his visit?

"Yes sir, they said you only have to live there your freshman year, and after that, you get to live off campus."

Where does Johnny visit next?

"I go to ECU (1/18) and Arkansas (1/25)."

Which colleges have now offered Devin a scholarship?

"Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Oregon State, Rice, Houston, and ECU"

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