Arkansas recruit takes in Ole Miss visit

Hunter Miller (S, Sherwood, Ark) - The 6' 1", 188 pound athlete out of Sylvan Hills was one of the more productive players in the state of Arkansas this year as he rushed and passed for over a 1, 000 yards and picked up 35 tackles, 7 pass breakups and 2 interceptions at safety.

Hunter was able to take in his first official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend. How did the visit go?

"Well, my mother and father came with me, and they liked it a lot down there," added Hunter Miller. It is a great town and I like the staff a lot."

The Miller's support the Arkansas Razorbacks but that does not get in the way of his recruitment.

"It does not play any part. I just want to go to a school I best fit in with the staff, and I do not know the staff at Arkansas that well yet."

What new did Hunter learn about Ole Miss during the trip?

"Ole Miss is just a great town, and the people are real friendly. It is all about football down there. The people take care of their football players. It is a nice town to go to college."

What stood out the most during the trip?

"Just getting to hang out with the players and really getting to know them. I also liked meeting the chancellor and the athletic director. They came and spoke to us and that was neat."

Was Ole Miss better/worse/or about what he was expecting?

"I came down here last year to the combine so I had seen all of their new facilities before. They are talking about adding on to their stadium, getting it bowled in. They are trying to take their program to the next level."

What did the visit consist of from Friday through Sunday?

"Well, Friday we got there around 2:30 and met the staff. They showed us around the academic buildings, and we met with our professor. We walked around the academic center and toured it. That night, we went out to eat at the Rig Cage and then we went out with our player host. We all went bowling that night with the coaches and some of the Ole Miss players and then we went to the square. Saturday, we got up and they fed us breakfast and toured their new indoor practice facility. We went and watched some film with our position coach and then we went out on their field. After that we went to the Chancellor's box and he came and spoke to us. They fed us some sandwiches and had lunch and then we went with our player host after lunch. We met back up at 4:15 and went to the basketball game. After the game, we went to the IPF and had steaks. They fed us real good, and then we went back out with our player host. Sunday, we got up and had a one on one meeting with Coach Nutt and then we went home."

How did the one on one meeting with Coach Nutt go?

"We talked about my playing early and about me getting bigger so I could be an impact player for them."

Did they ask Miller to commit?

"He did not ask me. He did not want me to rush my decision. He wanted me to go home and talk it over with my parents first. He is coming to see me at my house next week."

Where does this visit put Ole Miss?

"They are up there, 1 or 2, with Arkansas and Arkansas State. I am going to Arkansas on January 25th and then I will make a decision."

Video from Hunter's senior season

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