'09 QB meets with Coach Nutt today

Clayton Moore (QB, Louisville, MS) - The 6' 2", 205 pound quarterback finished the year with a state championship. The junior star tripped to Oxford (MS) today to visit with the new Ole Miss Staff. Go inside to hear what Moore had to say about his visit.

"We won the state championship," stated the well spoken Clayton Moore. "We finished 12-3. We had a really good year." I threw for 3,046 yards and rushed for 850. I had 40 total TD."
How did it feel to win the state championship?

"The world. It is what every high school player dreams about. You grow up in little league dreaming about winning a state championship and then we did it. It feels awesome."

How did Louisville treat the championship game?

"Like it was just another game, but when you looked in the stands and saw all of those fans and knowing it was on TV, you knew it was not. It felt like a college game."

Who is recruiting the junior standout?

"I get a lot of letters. Ole Miss is recruiting me the hardest without a doubt. Mississippi State came by my school last week. Tennessee, LSU and Alabama are sending me a lot of stuff and have been in contact lately. North Carolina and Virginia have been sending a lot of stuff, but honestly, Ole Miss is the main school."

Did you go to Ole Miss today?

"Yes. I went to Ole Miss with my uncle. It was great. I spent the day talking with Coach Nutt. I can not tell you how impressed I was with Coach Nutt. I can see why he has won so much. We mainly talked football, but he kept it light."

Did you have a lot of questions for Coach Nutt?

"Yes I did, but he answered them all. I just sat back and listened to him and he did a great job of explaining everything to me. I didn't ask that much; I just listened."

Did you discuss the type of offense Coach Nutt will run next year?

"They want to go to the spread. They think I'll fit in nicely."

Have you enjoyed meeting the new staff?

"Yes, Coach Nutt is a real cool guy. I like him a lot."

Were you offered a scholarship today?

"Coach Nutt and I discussed a lot of different things today. I told him I would keep our conversation private. I will just say that I am very happy with the way my visit went today, and I think Coach Nutt would be a heck of a coach to play for."

Clayton was a member of Class of the 2009 Southeast 50 To Watch Team by Scout.com.

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