Florida DB takes in Ole Miss visit

Leonard Johnson (CB, Largo, FL) - The 5'11", 180 pound cornerback and Iowa State commit tripped to Oxford Mississippi this weekend. Johnson's stock has risen after an excellent season for Largo High School. This weekend the rebels made waves with the talented athlete. With one more visit left, Johnson discussed his recruitment and the status of his commitment to Iowa State.

"I made it to Oxford and I loved it. I just loved it, "stated Leonard Johnson.

Did anyone come with you?

"No, it was just me. I'm actually just getting off the plane in Tampa."

Who was your host this weekend?

"Dexter McCluster was my host. We actually went to the same high school. He plays at Ole Miss now. Dexter is an excellent kid. I really enjoyed myself with him this weekend."

What stood out to you the most on your visit?

"I loved the people and the city. I was not expecting it to be like that. I got a really good feeling from Ole Miss. They really surprised me."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip?

"Their facilities are the best I've seen yet. I have spoken with Coach Nutt several times but meeting him in person was even better. Meeting the coaches was just great. I also enjoyed hanging out with Coach (Chris) Vaughn. He is really high energy. I wasn't sure how much I'd like the coaches but once I got here they were even better then I imagined. Coach Vaughn and I both wrestled in high school. We talk on the phone for hours."

How did you meeting with Coach Nutt go?

"It went very good. We just scratched the surface in terms of football. We mainly talked about life skills. We have a relationship that allows that."

Where do you visit next?

"I visit West Virginia on 2/1."

Where is Ole Miss in your pecking order of schools?

"I'm still committed to Iowa State, but Ole Miss is at the very top with Iowa State. I will make my final decision on signing day. I feel like I need to ride this thing out."

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