5 Star LB names Ole Miss his leader

Mississippi's 2007 Defensive Player of the Year arrived back from his official visit to Ole Miss this afternoon, and for the first time during his recruiting process, named a leader. To learn which school is now the team to beat, read below.

"My brother, brother in law, and mother came with me on my trip to Ole Miss," added Patrick Trahan, a reverse transfer from Auburn. "They came with me to Ole Miss for the LSU game and one more time this Fall. Every time they have come, they had fun, and this was just another time they came and liked it."

Patrick was already familiar with the new coaching staff, Ole Miss' campus, players, and how he would be used in the Rebel's defense before he came in for his official visit.

"I did not learn anything that I did not already know. It just reaffirmed how I felt about Ole Miss. It did make me feel a little bit better about everything. But I pretty much already went over what they were expecting out of me and how I would be used before I came on the trip. This was more about getting my mother familiar with their staff. She did most of the talking. I already understood what role I would have on the team."

Were Mrs. Trahan's questions answered to satisfaction?

"Yea, my mom was very impressed with the coaching staff at Ole Miss and the academic support staff. She was very impressed with the academic support group. They had a great time and left with a good taste in their mouth about Ole Miss. I did too."

Patrick was hosted by someone he was already familiar with.

"Mike Wallace was my host. He is from West Bank and stayed right around the corner from me. He shot it real about Ole Miss, and I had a lot of fun with the rest of the players on their team. Overall, it was a very good experience for me."

What did Michael talk to Patrick about?

"He told me about the coach's feeling for me and about the player's feelings for me and their coaches. He pointed out that they had the tools to win big next year and how much I could bring to the table for their defense. They are just missing a couple of parts, and they think I am a big part of that."

What would Patrick's role be on the team if he were to play for Ole Miss next season?

"I would be a hybrid LB. They would use me in a lot of different ways to keep me on the field to take advantage of my ability."

When considering what stood out the most about Ole Miss; it came back down to the football team.

"I am pretty much a laid back guy, and I like what they have to offer me. I have a chance to shine over there. Look at what Patrick Willis did over there. I could be the next Patrick Willis. This could be a spring board for me, and knowing what they have coming back, I could help them reach their potential. I am very comfortable with my situation at Ole Miss."

Patrick had a one on one meeting with Houston Nutt before he left.

"We just discussed my plans, and how I felt about his program, and what I thought I was going to do."

And what did Trahan say back?

"I told him I really fit into the program, and I liked it a lot at Ole Miss. They are definitely my leader right now. He knows that"

Who else is still in the picture?

"LSU and Oklahoma State."

When did LSU come back into the picture?

"They have been talking to my brother a lot lately. Most of the coaches talk through my brother."

Anymore official visits set up?

"No sir."

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