Down to USM and Ole Miss

Quinn Sanford (OL, Batesville, MS) - The 6' 1", 295 pound center has been a long time Ole Miss commit but left with a few questions on his mind.

"The depth chart at my position (center) doesn't look as good. They brought in two centers and still plan to sign one more," added Quinn Sanford.

Who are the two centers that were brought in?

"They signed that juco center (Brandon Green) and Rishaw Johnson told me they moved him over to center. Rishaw is the truth, so you know, I want to get some playing time too."

Did Sanford voice his concerns to the Ole Miss staff about this issue?

"No, but I asked them if there was another position on the line I could play, and they said I was too small to play guard or tackle."

The trip to Ole Miss also had another bump in the road.

"There was a misunderstanding that I am trying to let Coach Nutt know about. It is not something I want to talk about with the media. I want to keep it in-house. It was just a misunderstanding that I take responsibility for."

All news was not bad on the Sanford front though.

"I liked how they take care of their players with their academics. That really stood out to me. It is so much stuff that you can major in over there, and they have a lot of people to help you get your degree. I had no idea that they looked after their players like they do. And besides, Ole Miss just feels like home. It is where I grew up going, and all of my boys and cousins are over there. I hope it still works out with us."

Quinn had a chance to hang out with several of his current and former teammates.

"You know, my cousins John Jerry, John Jerry, Jamarca Sanford, Chris Strong. They all hung out with me, Tig (Darius Barksdale) and (Terrance) Pope. It was like old times."

Who else is still in the picture?

"USM. I am going over there this weekend. When I get back home the visit, I will make a decision."

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