E.J. Epperson switches to Ole Miss

Elijah Epperson (TE, Humboldt, TN) - The 6' 3", 228 pound two sports star from Humboldt committed to Arkansas last week but after taking an official visit to the University of Mississippi, it looks like he is headed to Ole Miss.

"School is out today, but that is what I know. He committed to Ole Miss," commented Humboldt's football head coach, Dan Bland. "He has basketball going on right now. He is a big time basketball player too. We talked briefly yesterday, but he will be back in school tomorrow. He is trying to wind this thing (recruitment) down so he can concentrate on his books and basketball."

"I understand he was at Ole Miss this past weekend and committed to them. I knew he always wanted to go to Ole Miss earlier on this year, because it was so close to home and he has a few friends there. But then Arkansas started recruiting him really hard, and now that staff is down at Ole Miss, that makes them a double draw. Plus, they are so close to home. It is only a couple hours drive to Oxford and around a 7 hour drive to Fayettville. I know, my son played for Arkansas in the late 80's. I made it a few times (laugh). It really is not that bad of a drive though. Arkansas is a great school. It really is. He had some great choices, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. All of those schools are fine places to play ball and get a great education. E.J. is blessed to have scholarship offers from so many great programs."

Will Elijah Epperson take an official visit to Arkansas this weekend?

"I do not know. I will have to talk with Elijah about that more when he gets back to school tomorrow. Those are decisions him and his family will have to make though. I can give him advise, but I will never tell one of my players where they need to visit, not visit, or go to this or that school. Those are family issues that they will have to make. I will talk to him Tuesday and see what his family is going to do. He is qualified, but he needs to hold his grades right now to stay qualify. I told him that, and that is why he is trying to wind this (recruitment) down. He needs to get back to concentrating on his books and basketball. There are so many people trying to pull him in different directions. It is a real distraction for him right now."

What makes Epperson so special, as a player?

"He is a big, strong, fast player. E.J. is very aggressive and his motor is running all of the time. We played him at split end, not so sure that is where he will play in college though. We also lined up at tailback some, and on defense where he really shined, he played defensive end and linebacker for us. He was also an All-Star basketball player, so that should tell you what type of athlete he is. When he gets to college, gets on a weight program and zeros in on one position, he is going to be special. I think he could make an immediate impact at defensive end. He is a great pass rusher, 4.6 speed and is around 6' 3", 230. The kid grew two inches this season alone. I do not think he is done growing yet. E.J. Is also very easy to coach. I wish we had him back next year."

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