Shawn Bright in from Ole Miss

Shawn Bright (RB, Miami, FL) - The 5'19, 195 pound running back had a great visit to Ole Miss last weekend. The star running back was impressed with Oxford and rated the trip as a "9". Go inside to read the latest on Bright's recruitment.

"I made the trip and it went good," stated Shawn Bright. "I went really well. I enjoyed myself."

Did anyone accompany you during the visit?

"Yes, my teammate Eugene Hilton came with me."

What did you learn about Ole Miss that you didn't know?

"They had amazing facilities. They were outrageous. I loved the food down there. They stuffed me. We went to the ribcage and then ate at some clubs."

What was your favorite part of the visit?

"The love. The showed me a lot of love at Ole Miss. I love how Ole Miss owns Mississippi"

Who was your player host?

"My host was Jeremy McGee. He transferred from UCLA. He gave me a lot of advice. He told me to keep myself calm during my recruitment and to listen to what everyone says and then make a decision. He showed me a good time."

How did your meeting with Coach Nutt go?

"I was relaxed. He talked about how much he wanted me. It would be wonderful to play for him. He just kept telling me how much he wanted me on his team. He told me he needed a fast speedy back."

Where does Ole Miss line up against other schools that are recruiting you?

"They're #1. Regardless of who recruits me, they're #1. Ole Miss has still not offered. They are waiting on my ACT score. If I make high enough they tell me they will offer me. If I don't make a high enough score, I will gray-shirt.."

Do you have any other visits lined up?

"I visit Florida International (1/25) with Ty Hilton. I spoke with one of their coaches today. I think they may offer me this weekend."

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