De'Anthony Curtis visits Ole Miss

De'Anthony Curtis (RB, Camden, AR) - Arkansas's Gatorade Player of the Year took in an official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend.

Did anyone accompany's number one ranked player from the state of Arkansas?

"Yes sir, my mother and daddy came with me. They liked it. They really like Coach Nutt a lot, and they were impressed with their facilities."

And what was Curtis' first impression?

"It was nice. It was a little bit better than what I was expecting. They have a nice campus, and it is a good college town. I have always liked their coaches. Those are the guys I committed to at Arkansas, so I already knew about them."

What was Curtis looking for when he came on the trip?

"I mainly wanted to check out their campus so I can find a home away from home. They had a really nice campus. They have a shot now."

What are some of the new things that De'Anthony learned about Ole Miss that he did not know from before?

"I learned a lot about their history. They have won a lot of games at Ole Miss, won some national championships and SEC titles. They are just trying to get back to where they were."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss?

"Their facilities and campus. I did not know they had those kinds of facilities. They are all new. And like I said, their campus really impressed me. It was a really nice campus."

Did Curtis feel like he fit in with the players?

"I felt I fit in real good with them. Duston Mouzon was my player host. He was real cool. Dustin answered all of my questions. Everyone treated you like you were already a part of their team."

What was it like to see the old Arkansas coaches at Ole Miss now?

"It was weird seeing them in all of their Ole Miss stuff. But it felt good seeing those guys again. It had been a long time, too long. Coach Nutt recruited me at Arkansas. I mean, we talk a lot. We are close. He is just a good person to be around. You can be open and be you around him. I do not know. It's going to be a tough decision. We talked about getting me up there and getting me the ball next year. I fit right into their system. They are going to run the same thing they did while they were at Arkansas. It is a running back's dream to play in an offense like that."

Which schools are still in the running?

"My top 3 are Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma State"

Does Curtis still consider himself an Arkansas commitment?

"Yes sir."

Anymore visits on tap?

"No sir, I am finished with my visits."

What will be the main factors when going through the pros and cons of each school?

"I just want to play next year and get the ball. That's the main thing. I also want to fit into the campus environment and feel at home."

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