Oklahoma QB discusses Ole Miss visit

Nathan Stanley (QB, Tahlequah, OK) - The 6' 5", 205 pound signal caller out of Sequoyah High School took in an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.

Did anyone accompany Scout.com's #60 ranked QB?

"My mother came with me. She liked it. Mom really enjoyed it. She likes it over there," added Nathan Stanley.

What was Stanley's impression of Ole Miss?

"The same. I really enjoyed my visit and had a good time. It was better than I was expecting. I had no idea it would go as well as it did. I am glad I took it (visit)."

What are some of the new things that Stanley learned about the University of Mississippi?

"I learned a lot of different things. I got to meet the whole staff and a lot of the players. I learned where the dorms are located, my classes, and how to get around town. It was all new."

What impressed Oklahoma's 1st Team All-State QB (for all classifications) the most about Ole Miss?

"Just the facilities. They were real nice. The team was all one big family and worked together."

Did Stanley feel like he fit in with the players and coaches?

"Yes sir. I definitely felt like I did. I got comfortable with them. They got comfortable with me. I enjoyed getting to know them during the trip. I had a real good time."

What was discussed with Coach Nutt during the one on one meeting?

"We talked about their depth chart at QB. They are trying to find a big time QB. We talked about how I would fit into their program perfectly. They just want me to be a Rebel."

Was an official scholarship offered?

"Yes sir."

Did they ask Stanley to commit before he left?

"You know. No they did not ask me to commit right then. They told me to enjoy my next visit, which I am going to La Tech today through Tuesday, and to just think about things. Coach Nutt said he is going to call me Sunday. He wants to come on a home visit with me. When he calls, I will have a decision by then."

Who will it come down to?

"I still have some thinking to do, but it will be between Ole Miss, Maryland, Florida Atlantic, and probably Oklahoma State."

Anymore colleges coming to see Nathan before he makes a decision?

"Maryland is suppose to be sending their head coach and offensive coordinator when I get back in from La Tech on Tuesday. I think they are coming later on this week."

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