Aaron Hawkins visits Ole Miss

Aaron Hawkins (C, Lithonia, GA) - The 6'3.5", 297 pound offensive lineman learned a lot about Ole Miss this weekend. With the recent surge of his recruitment, Hawkins has several decisions to make in the near future. Go inside to see how the talented lineman's visit went.

"I just left Ole Miss," stated Aaron Hawkins. "My visit went very well."

Did anyone accompany Hawkins on his visit?

"Yes, my parents came with me."

How did they enjoy the trip?

"I think they liked it. They didn't say much to me about it."

Who was Aaron's player host?

""My host was Rishaw Johnson. He was really cool. He showed me the campus and we went out at night."

What did the offensive center learn about Ole Miss during your visit?

"I learned about their fan base and what all goes on there. I also learned more about their academics. They give you a lot of support. Coach Markuson took me to a position meeting and explained how lineman will be used in the new offense. It was good to see how I would be used."

What surprised Aaron the most about Ole Miss during his visit?

"I was surprised by the fan base and the support. They've had some difficult seasons but the fan support is still strong."

How did Hawkins meeting with Coach Nutt go?

"It went pretty good. I enjoyed meeting with him."

What did they talk about?

"We mainly talked about how my visit went."

Did Ole Miss offer Hawkins a scholarship?

"I have a lot of things to think about. I have several options. I'm going to go home and think about things before making a decision."

Where does this place Ole Miss in his pecking order of schools?

"Ole Miss is #1."

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