Rebels land their #1 target at DE

The 6' 5", 240 pound defensive end out of Cedar Grove had planned to trip to North Carolina this weekend, but those plans came to a halt last night when he decided to end the recruiting process and head to the University of Mississippi.

"Last night, I called Coach Rocker. He was, I can't even explain it, just so happy to hear that I was coming to join him at Ole Miss," added the very serious Gerald Rivers. "He said he jumped out of his seat when I told him. And you know coach "Rock", that's saying a lot. That's a big man (laugh). He had Coach Nutt call me, and he was even more excited than Coach Rocker. It was a great feeling for me too. I wanted to go to Ole Miss. It was a good feeling for me too."

Why did the one time Kentucky verbal decide on Ole Miss?

"The atmosphere. I just loved their campus. They have a very beautiful campus, by far, the prettiest one I had been to yet. And the school is not so big where you get lost. People recognize you. I also got a long with the players so well too. It felt like I had known those guys for years. And mainly, I have been talking to Coach Rocker for so long, since he was at Arkansas. He is a legend around these parts (of Georgia), but he just acts like your every day Joe. I have a lot of trust in him. I feel like he can help me get to the next level. He has been there, done that. Getting an opportunity to be coached by Coaches Rocker and Nutt. Hey man, that is a once in a lifetime chance. That whole staff is awesome. The offensive coaches as well. Everyone showed me a lot of love. I feel like they are going to take care of me at Ole Miss."

Gerald is just glad to have the recruiting process over with.

"Every since I started the whole (recruiting) process, I just prayed every night. I put it in his hands. And when I got back from my Ole Miss trip, I knew I had found my home. I prayed about it, and I just had that inner peace with the man above. He approved and that felt great. All of the weight is now off of my shoulders. I did the right thing. I just can't wait to get over there."

Will Rivers take his North Carolina visit?

"No sir. I am through. I do not need to go anywhere else than Ole Miss. I found my home."

Which colleges offered Rivers?

"Arkansas, North Carolina, Middle Tennessee State, Ole Miss of course, Kentucky, Western Kentucky, and Marshall."

Gerald was named All-DeKalb and played in the DeKalb All-Star game after collecting 81 tackles and 9 sacks.

"Speed, that is what I do best, get off of the ball. I cause havoc in the passing game. I get after the QB. I disrupt the timing. I am a big body guy who can run and put pressure on the QB."

Gerald reports a 2.7 Core GPA / 1250 SAT, which would make him a full qualifier.

We will have highlights from River's senior season in the coming days.

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