Memphis TE coming down to the wire

The hotly contested tight end prospect from Memphis had a chance to visit Oklahoma State this past weekend.

How did the visit go?

"It was alright," added Jamal Mosley. I liked it. It was fun. I kicked it with some of the players. I met all of the coaches. They have a pretty cool coaching staff."

What stood out the most about Oklahoma State during the visit?

"The facilities and academic support. The new facilities they are building in the West Endzone. Coach Gundy shocked me too. I did not know he was that much of a player's coach."

Where all has Jamal visited?

"I have been to Kentucky, North Carolina, and Oklahoma State."

Where next?

"I am still trying to decide between Ole Miss and USM for this weekend. I had USM scheduled, but I do not know yet. Coach Nutt is kind of making a run the last couple of weeks. He is coming after me hard. He talks to my mother every day. Coach Nutt came by the house last week, and he was talking about the opportunity for early playing time. He was talking about how well their staff gets along, and how much they wanted me to come in for a visit. My boy, Gavin Hardin, is suppose to be going over there this weekend too, so we are talking about it."

Jamal committed to Ole Miss last summer but opened his recruitment back up when there was a turn over in staffs. What do the Rebels have to do to secure that one time commitment?

"I know Coach Nutt had some great players at Arkansas, but they never got their TE's involved. They would run,run,run, and then throw it deep to their WR's. That is what has me worried about Ole Miss. Oklahoma State runs the no huddle and gets it to their TE's. Coach Fedora brought the same offense to USM. I am trying to find a school with a great campus environment, great coaching staff, and a great academic support staff. Football wise, I am looking at their depth chart and how involved they get their TE's involved. And I just think Coach Nutt does not involve his TE's enough. I have done a lot of background check. This does not come from any competing coaches just filling my head full of bull. I just have never seen his TE's have much success. And I know he calls the plays, so it's his offense."

Has Mosley had a chance to express his concerns with Ole Miss about this issue?

"I have not, but I plan on talking about that with them this week. Coach Shibest (Ole Miss) is coming by tonight to see my mother. Coach Brooks (Kentucky) came by Monday, and Coach Gundy (Oklahoma State) is coming by today too. Tomorrow, Coach Fedora (USM) is coming by. I have a busy week ahead of me."

Which college has had the best campus environment?

"Oklahoma State because of their new facilities and the atmosphere of Stillwater. It is pretty much a college town. Their facilities are going to be the best in America, and I think that is going to really catch the eyes of the recruits. And their academic program, they have plenty of people monitoring their players. Most of the schools have tutors, but they also have facilitators. They have it all at Oklahoma State.

Which colleges are still in the picture?

"Ole Miss, USM, Oklahoma State, and Kentucky. I should have a decision by February 4th of 5th, right before signing day."

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