Down to three for Ty Hilton

Eugene "Ty" Hilton (WR, Miami, FL) - The 1st Team All-Dade selection went to FIU over the weekend and came back with a lot of positives.

"It was good sir," added Eugene Hilton who goes by Ty from his family and friends. "Sean Bright came with me. It was good."

What stood out the most about FIU during the trip?

"We went bowling and the coaches treated me like I was home, homey feeling."

Did Ty commit?

"Oh, no sir."

Which colleges are still in the running?

"Ole Miss, FIU, and West Virginia, which I go to this weekend."

What will Hilton focus on while at West Virginia?

"Their staff and how much they want me. Do I feel at home? Do I see myself happy there for the next four to five years?"

Any inhome visits this week?

"West Virginia is bringing in their new head coach on Thursday. That is about it so far."

What stands out the most about FIU?

"Their coaches. They are tremendous leaders with their kids."

And Ole Miss?

"Their surroundings and the things they do off of the field."

West Virginia?

How they are surrounded by great athletes. I can tell you more after my visit."

Which college is showing Ty the most love?


Which college felt the most at home during his visits?

"Ole Miss, but they both made me feel at home. I do not know. It is going to be a hard decision on signing day."

Which college will give Hilton the most exposure?

"West Virginia."

The 5' 10" receiver and return specialist had 42 catches for 785 yards and 16 TD. He also returned four kickoffs/punts for TD's.

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