Can Ole Miss land Enrique Davis?

Enrique Davis (RB, Hargrave, VA) - Perhaps the most coveted running back still on the market has been a busy man this weekend hosting colleges at his home.

"Ole Miss, they brought their head coach on Tuesday. It was Coach Nutt from Ole Miss," added Enrique Davis. "He brought both Coach Nix's, Tyrone and Derrick Derrick is a trip, real trip. They also brought in their WR coach. Maryland's coach, Seamonson, came by on Wednesday. They were the only school to come by yesterday."

What were Ole Miss' selling points during the inhome visit?

"We had a good talk. All four of them were really fun to be around. They just can't wait to get me there. They told me about what I could expect, playtime time wise, if I were to go to school there. They were telling me what I bring to the table. I let them know how serious I was with Ole Miss. They are very high up there. I like how they used Darren McFadden. They think I can be the next McFadden. Like I said, I am very interested in Ole Miss, but I need to check out a couple more schools before I make up my mind for sure. I am going to Tennessee this weekend. I have already been to Oregon, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Coach Tuberville is coming up here today or tomorrow. Oregon is bringing their head coach in today or Friday too. I still have a lot of thinking to do."

Which colleges are still in the running?

"Tennessee, Maryland, Ole Miss, now this week Auburn, and then Oregon. All of my top schools are bringing in their head coach. Coach Tub came and saw me earlier this year at Hargrave, but that was when I was committed, so he is coming back to see me again. Florida State is kind of low on my list. They are not as high as they use to be. That is my home, and I do not want to be at home anymore. Getting away at Hargrave taught me that I need to become my own man and get away from home."

Which official visit felt the most at home?

"All of them I really liked. They all felt like home. I liked the environment at all of them. I am not sure where I am going.. I am going to wait it out until signing day or after signing day."

What will be the main factors when it comes decision time?

"I am wanting everything to be a good fit. Not just football, but academic wise, you know me coming from Hargrave has given me a new perspective on my academics. I want to go to a school where you would send your kids for four or five years. That kind of school."

Which college has had the most attractive academic support group?

"I checked out Auburn. I like their Communications program. Ole Miss and Oregon also have a lot to offer in communications. That is what I want to major in. They are all in good shape, academically."

What will be the next biggest factor?

"I want to see how the players are, my teammates and people on campus, coaches, just the surrounding area. But I want to be around players that I feel comfortable around. It is just going to boil down to a lot of praying."

What stood out the most about Enrique's Oregon visit?

"Just how crazy the fans were at the basketball game. They put the spot light on me in the stands and the whole dome starting chanting my name. I stood up and help up a "Go Ducks" sign and they all went crazy. And that is at a basketball game. Imagine how it would be at a football game. It would be way crazier than that."

And Ole Miss' visit?

"I just liked how I got along with the players. They treat you like you are already a part of the team, like your boys you grew up with back home, like they knew you for ever. Coaching wise, I get a long with them real good. All of them are cool."

What about Auburn's visit?

"I know everybody at Auburn. I know every player on that team. I have built a good relationship with Coaches (Eddie) Gran, (Tommy) Tub, and Ensminger. I have been talking to those guys since my junior year."

What stands out about Tennessee?

"I like their staff. I like Coach Fulmer a lot. Coach Chavis has recruited me since my junior year. And their new running back coach, Coach Drayton, came over from Florida. I had a good relationship with him when he recruited me out of high school."

Davis had a few more thoughts about the running back coaches who are recruiting him.

"Another thing I like about Ole Miss is that I think their staff is going to be a great staff. Coach Nix (Ole Miss) came from the (Atlanta) Falcons, so he knows what it takes to get there. And Coach Gran (Auburn) has put out some good RB's in the league. Oregon has sent so many RB's to the league, very impressive. And Maryland has a good RB coach too."

Will Davis visit Maryland before making a decision?

"I am thinking about visiting them the weekend after signing day if I have not made up my mind."

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