Rebs still in the picture for Leonard Johnson

Leonard Johnson (CB, Largo, FL) - One of the more coveted cornerbacks still on the market updated us on where he stands with his recruitment.

"I stayed at home this past weekend," added Leonard Johnson. "The recruiting process, I am trying to slow the pace down."

Which colleges is Johnson still hearing from?

"Ole Miss, West Virginia, Iowa State, and South Florida. That is pretty much it."

Well, and add one more school.

"Michigan offered me a couple of weeks back. They want to get me in this weekend."

Where will Johnson visit next?

"It will either be West Virginia or Michigan."

Where has the 5' 11", 180 pound cornerback visited so far?

"I have been to Iowa State (9/27), Troy (10/3), South Florida (1/12), and Ole Miss (1/19)."

Any inhome visits this week?

"Ole Miss came by Tuesday. West Virginia came by Tuesday. Michigan came by Wednesday, and West Virginia is coming by today."

Who are the main players?

"Ole Miss, South Florida, West Virginia, well, I just like all of them still. It is going to be a hard decision."

Which college gave Leonard that "homy" feeling?

"I really do not know. They were different at all of the schools. I brought something back from all of the schools."

Which staff is Johnson closest to?

"I would say Iowa State and Ole Miss, but really all of those. Coach Fry recruits me at West Virginia. South Florida, all of those schools. I am having a hard time trying to figure it out. I really am confused."

What are the main factors in trying to find the best fit?

"Playing time. Am I comfortable with the players? If it were not playing football, would I be comfortable in that city? I am trying to take the football equation out of it. I had a close bond with all of the coaches before I even went on my visits. It does not matter because I feel like I can compete at all of those schools. It does not matter if one school has 13 DB's and one has 3 DB's. I feel like I can compete at any of the schools. Besides, the more competition would just keep me on my tippy toes."

Does Leonard feel like he is any closer to a decision than he was before the official visit process began?

"Yea, somewhat, because I eliminated so many other schools. Nebraska, Michigan, well I thought I had eliminated Michigan (laugh), but they have just come back in the picture. You know, I might not be any closer now that I think about it (laugh). It's though, but a good tough. At least I have so many good options."

Leonard led Largo to the State Semifinals and finished the season with a 13-1 record. He amassed 950 rushing yards, 980 passing yards, and 21 total TD's.

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