Gavin Hardin could decide as early as today

One of the more coveted linebackers in the South took in an official visit to one of the two schools that remain on his wish list, Ole Miss.

"I brought my Uncle on the visit with me," commented Gavin Hardin. "This was his first visit to Ole Miss. He liked the environment, the people, the small town atmosphere. They have a big fan base because Ole Miss is so traditional. Everybody is like a big family over there."

Gavin learned a few new things about Ole Miss even though he had already visited unofficially on numerous past occasions.

"I have been down there a bunch, but they always kept us around the indoor and practice fields. I never got around the town and met the people. They all know your name, even though you have never met them. It is like a big family. There is just a lot of tradition down there and people are proud of Ole Miss, win or lose."

What did Hardin enjoy most?

"Just getting to meet the players and regular students. Isaiah Smith was my host, and he is from Columbia (TN) so we know a lot of the same people. He took me around and introduced me to everyone. I never really had a chance to meet the players on my past visits because we were always with the coaches. But you could tell how proud they were to have Coach Nutt as their coach. They feel like something special is about to happen."

What are Gavin's thoughts on the new coaches at Ole Miss?

"They are just a great staff. Coach Nutt is a player's coach. He is a great guy and a great coach. The rest of the staff is always joking around, keeping it real loose, but they get after it when they have too. I fit in real well down there. They just do not come after you as the football player, they came after me as the person. They do not put pressure on you. Some coaches just ask you, "are you coming, are you coming, are you coming", and you are just like man, will this dude leave me along. Ole Miss just lets you find your way. It is between Miami and Ole Miss. Neither one of them are pressuring me. They are letting me find my own way. Later today or on Tuesday I am going to call their coaches and let them know so they can find a replacement for me if I do not choose their school."

When did Miami offer Gavin?

"A couple months back. It has been a while."

What will the decision come down to?

"It is important that I feel like that is just where I want to be. I do not want to second guess myself. I just want to go on my gut, and where my heart is. Both of those schools are great schools. I can not go wrong either way. Ole Miss is on the rise and you know Coach Shannon is going to bring Miami back. It is going to boil down to what I want to do, not what everyone else wants me to do."

Will distance play a role?

"Yea, that will play a factor too, but they are going to support me even if I do go off. They just want me to do what ever makes me happy. They are going to be behind me 100% no matter who I choose."

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