Jamal Mosley nearing a decision

Jamal Mosley had been a long time Ole Miss commit before the coaching change took place at the University of Mississippi. When that change took place, Mosley opened back up his recruitment. And open up is exactly what happened, as schools like Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan State, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, all offered and received visits from the Memphis (TN) tight end.

Mosley had actually been leaning towards Kentucky and Oklahoma State before the Rebels brought in their new offensive coordinator, Kent Austin, last week. The issues that Jamal was concerned about were answered. Scout.com's #30 rated TE canceled his Southern Mississippi visit, which have two former Ole Miss assistants on their staff, and visited Ole Miss instead.

How did the visit this weekend go?

"My mom came with me to Ole Miss. We got down there Saturday morning because I had a basketball game," added Jamal Mosley. "She has been down there a couple of times, and I have been down there a few times too. We didn't really have any questions about the play calling or anything like that because we got all of that straight with their coaches during the inhome visits. This just gave us a chance to meet all of the coaches on offense and defense. Their coaches are cool. I like Coaches Nix and Shibest. All of their coaches are pretty cool. I got a chance to talk to some of their players too, like Cassius Vaughn, who is from down the street. They all made me feel comfortable. I also met with Coach Austin again. He told me how much they are going to pass the ball and get me a few balls. I think it is the place for me to be, but my mind is racing right now because I am trying to make a decision. But I am closer now. I should have a decision by Tuesday."

Who all is in the running?

"Mainly Ole Miss and Oklahoma State but Kentucky is not totally out of it."

What stands out about the programs that are still in the running?

"Oklahoma State is a good school. They have great academics, great academic support staff. And Stillwater is a great college town. You do not get in any trouble down there. I like their staff too. They are good, but I will not know anybody if I go there. And the biggest thing is that I am going to have to redshirt because TE Brandon Pettigrew is coming back. He was suppose to go pro, but he didn't. You know how sometimes you get lost in the shuffle when you redshirt. It puts you back another year. I do not want to be put in the wrong situation. I do not want to be on the bench so I think Ole Miss is the better fit because of playing time and their coaching staff. Their coaches treat you like family."

What did Coach Nutt say to Mosley before he left back home on Sunday?

"He said tight end was their biggest position of need and that they only have one juco tight end on campus. He said I could come in and compete with him, and if I were doing better, I would get the majority of the snaps because his team is young and he wants to build it with his young players."

Is all of this stressful for the 6' 4", 240 pound tight end?

"Yes, it really is. I think I know where I am going but I just am not 100% sure yet. I am just ready to get this over with, but I have to make the right decision."

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