Hargrave prep star picks Ole Miss

The Rebels committed the #44 overall post graduate prospect in the country tonight when Andrew Harris phoned Coach Nutt to give him the news.

The 6' 2", 195 pound receiver had one simple message for Coach Nutt.

"I told him I am a Rebel," added a matter of fact Andrew Harris. "He was really excited to hear from me. Coach Nutt told me that I was their number one receiver on their board, and that he could not wait to get my on board. I called Coach Dickerson, their WR coach, after that. He was even more happy than Coach Nutt."

The Saint Petersburg native signed with West Virginia last February but decided to take a different route this time.

"When they got rid of Coach Rodriguez, I started looking at other options. That hurt me pretty good. I narrowed it down to Ole Miss, Virginia, Temple, and Oregon but I thought Ole Miss was the best fit for me."

Who all offered?

"All of those schools that I visited (Ole Miss 1/18, Oregon 1/25, Virginia 1/12, Temple 2/2) plus some others like North Carolina State, Maryland, Auburn, and West Virginia."

Why Ole Miss?

"Because their staff is unbelievable. I feel like they will take care of me. Coach Dickerson, we have built like a father/son relationship. It would feel too weird to not go to Ole Miss with the relationship I have with Coaches Nutt, Dickerson, and the players I met on my official visit. I played with Lawon Scott. We are real cool, so I already knew a lot about Ole Miss and how it is even before they recruited me. I felt like I was already a part of that program before I left on my visit. I took it as my personal responsibility to help those guys turn it around."

How did Harris fare this past season at Hargrave?

"I had over 40 catches and 3 TD's, but they do not give us our stats. Nobody knows what their stats are at Hargrave (laugh)."

What does Andrew do well on the field?

"I am real aggressive off of the ball, which allows me to beat the presses. I like to get vertical and stretch the field. I have a 39" vertical, so I can go up and get the ball. I also use my big body to go over the middle."

How does Ole Miss plan to use Andrew?

"They want to put me on the outside and stretch the field. Just your typical way of using a big WR. I can go over the middle, run reverses, do all of it."

How close is Harris to qualifying?

"I either need to pull up my ACT test (6 units) or make two B's this semester in the classes I am taking. I decided to stay in school until May just in case I do not improve my ACT. I will be at Ole Miss in June. That I have confidence in saying."

Andrew marked the third Hargrave player to commit to Ole Miss as the Rebels already have Jared Mitchell and Julius Whitehead on campus. They also brought in DB's Josh Pleasant, Rudy Wilson, and RB Enrique Davis for official visits.

"My and Enrique are real close. We took our visits to Ole Miss and Oregon together and have wanted to stay together. That has been our plans, but he is still undecided, and he has to do what is best for him even though we have talked about staying together. I really have no clue where he is going right now. I have not even told him that I committed to Ole Miss yet."

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