A look at South Panola's Reuben Corley

Reuben Corley (FB, South Panola, MS) - Everyone is aware of South Panola's 75 game winning streak and five straight Class 5A State Championships, but it is the skilled people who usually receive all of the notoriety.

But someone has to open up all of the holes for backs like Darius Barksdale, LeRoy Diggs, Jeramie Griffin...etc..to run through.

One of their bulldozers is a rising senior and goes by the name of Reuben Corley. He stands 6' 2", 231 and is already benching 355 pounds and squats 550. All you have to do is look at this recruit one time to know he already has that "college body", as he is one of the more physical impressive looking recruits you will see from coast to coast.

"I really did not have that many rushing yards, but I had 75 pancakes at fullback," added Reuben Corley. "I love to put my defender flat on his back. I get a kick out of that. It is hard getting the pub playing fullback, but I did pretty good. I made 2nd Team All-State (Class 5A) and 1st Team All-District."

When talking to Reuben, the younger brother of Charles Corley, you know that blocking is his true love.

"Blocking is the thing I love to do. It is pretty easy to get under my guy, tackle real hard. I like to drive them out of the way and put them on the ground, real hard. I just keep driving until they blow the whistle. That is what kind of fullback I am. Coaches Pogue and Dickson work with me on protecting everyday to make sure I learn everything in not only the running game but the passing game. But the main thing is staying low. That is what it is all about. I am extremely strong in my lower body, so once I get underneath you, it is pretty much over."

College recruiters have taken notice.

"I have written scholarship offers from Louisville, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Connecticut. I also just got an offer from Auburn and Miami has been talking to Coach Pogue. I am going to visit Louisville and Kentucky on April 5th. My brother, Michael, lives in Louisville. I am going to go up there and stay with him a few days and check out those two schools for Jr Day."

College coaches have been visiting South Panola all season to get a look at the young man.

"The coaches from Ole Miss, MSU, Conn, and Louisville came in and said they were going to offer me. I slowly started getting them in the mail over the past few weeks. A few of them wanted me to commit early, but I really like Mississippi State. I have a high interest in them. Coach Croom is a real nice guy."

What attracts Reuben to MSU?

"I like how they play the I formation. They have a better blocking protection than the other schools who are recruiting me. I know everyone from here goes to Ole Miss, but I think MSU is going after me harder than Ole Miss. This is nothing against Ole Miss, but I think they (MSU) has more to offer me. I love their blocking schemes at fullback and Ole Miss wants to play me at TE. Well, that was pretty much what their old staff (at Ole Miss) wanted me to play. I am not sure what their new staff wants me to play. But I am going to be playing some tight end and defensive end next year at South Panola. Coach Pogue is trying to do something new. He is going to cut some of our players so some of us are going to have to go both ways next year, like me and David Conner. We have got to do what we have to do to keep the streak alive."

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