Rebels offer 1st Mississippian

Chad Bumphis (WR, Tupelo, MS) - One of the more explosive rising seniors in Mississippi has been hearing from quite a few colleges recently.

"I got offered by MSU earlier this year and LSU offered me a couple of weeks back. Ole Miss offered on Wednesday, and Coach Davis from Alabama called yesterday," added Chad Bumphis. "I never got a chance to call him back, but Coach Allen said that is what they called for."

Bumphis had a chance to speak with a staff member from the college he received his latest offer from.

"I talked to Coach Vaughn from Ole Miss Wednesday night. I called him, and he told me that they watched all of my film and were really impressed. He said that I was the first player from Mississippi that they offered. That made me feel pretty good, privileged."

Chad grew up with several close friends who rooted for the Rebels.

"Ole Miss is about even with Mississippi State. Growing up, all of my baseball buddies were huge Ole Miss fans, so they kind of grew on me."

Bumphis never was a "fan" of any one school growing up.

"No sir, I never thought I would play football, to be truthful, I thought I would play basketball (laugh). I pretty much followed North Carolina basketball growing up. I never followed college football."

Now that it is obvious that Bumphis will be playing on the gridiron, and not the hard court, which colleges have caught his eye?

"Mainly the teams in the SEC. I like Coach Croom (at MSU) and I like LSU and Florida. I do not know. I like MSU and Ole Miss, but I really like Coach Croom and what he has done with that program."

What will Bumphis key in on while comparing the two instate programs?

"I pretty much know about MSU because that staff has been there a few years. Really, I am going to watch the Ole Miss staff next year to see what they are about. I want to see what type of offense they are going to run. But mainly, I want to see how early I can play. Can I get in and play?"

What stands out about LSU?

"Winning. They have a real good winning tradition."

And Florida?

"Man, just about everything. They are so athletic. You go up against good competition down there. They give you a good chance to get to the next level. Percy Harvey is probably my favorite player in football too."

Junior Days have already begun and several colleges are lining up to get the 5' 10", 180 All-State selection to their school.

"I went to Alabama, and I am going over to MSU today. I think I am going to LSU next weekend and Ole Miss the weekend after."

While some prospects are already beginning to commit to various universities around the country, Bumphis is in no hurry.

"I am going to take all of my visits and wait until after my season is over. I want to keep my options open. I am in no hurry."

What makes Chad so special on the football field?

"My speed and body control. I also have great vision."

What does Bumphis want to work on?

"My strength and just getting to know the position better."

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