Is Ole Miss a player for QB Aaron Murray?

Aaron Murray (QB, Tampa, FL) - The 6' 1", 205 pound gun slinger out of Plant High caught the eyes of colleges from coast to coast when he threw for a state best 4, 012 yards and 51 TD's as a junior.

"I guess you can say we like to throw the ball a lot," added a laughing Aaron Murray. "I think I was 201-329, so it is not like we threw the ball 40 times a game or anything, but I made the most out of my opportunities."

Aaron had a chance to learn from one of the country's best as an underclassman.

"I played behind Robert Marve my sophomore year. He was one of the top QB's in the country. Robert was a tremendous competitor and a hard worker. I learned from his work ethic. I also saw how he dealt with the publicity. Robert was so grounded with everything. But the biggest thing I learned from him was how to break down film in the film room. He lived in there, and that is what I probably picked his brain about the most. I love to watch film and break down defenses. I was just blessed to be in the situation that I was in."

The Class 4A Player of the Year led his team into the 3rd round of the playoffs and sported a 11-2 record.

"It was pretty disappointing losing to Armwood. It still hurts thinking about that game, but we have one more chance to redeem ourselves this year. We look forward to the journey of getting back to the playoffs. Hopefully we will have a little more luck this time around."

While Murray has a cannon for an arm, he believes it is his footwork that stands out over the rest.

"My footwork, that is my biggest strength. You have to be able to avoid the rush when the pocket breaks down. You need to make a little move here, step up in the pocket, and make an accurate throw. That is what I do best."

What most would the Sun Coast Player of the Year like to improve on during the offseason?

"The biggest thing is my footwork. Every day we work on footwork/footwork/and more footwork. I have good feet, but you can always improve more. I am trying to get my arm stronger too. Me and my coach are making a list of things I need to improve on the most, so in the offseason, I can just get better and make less mistakes."

How is recruiting going?

"I am up to 37 scholarship offers now (every SEC and ACC program minus Alabama and MSU). I am trying to narrow my choices in the next couple of weeks. I will make some spring visits to the schools I am still interested in and hopefully have a decision by this summer. I graduate in December, so I will start in January."

When did Aaron receive his first scholarship offer?

"Ole Miss was the first school who offered me. They offered me the summer before the start of junior season. I use to talk to them a little but not too much lately. But they are definitely a school I am looking into."

What does Murray know about the new staff at Ole Miss?

"To be honest, not too much. My head coach and I just talked about Coach Nutt and them the other day. That will be one of the things that will pop up, their staff (when I am narrowing my schools of choice). I will look at their past history, like what kind of offense they run and what kind of history they have at developing QB's, so I can see if it is a good fit."

Who are some colleges that might receive a Spring visit?

"I have not started narrowing them down yet. I am going to do that over the next couple of weeks. I am going to do some research with all of the schools who have offered me. There are just so many great schools out there. I have gotten to know so many elite coaches with all of these programs. It has been great. I can not say that one has stood out over the other. Florida, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Stanford, there are just so many great schools out there. But again, I have not even begun to narrow it down yet."

What stands out about Florida?

"Their environment. It is all about football in Gainsville. They also have a great staff and a team that can win a national championship year in and year out."

And Georgia?

"I went to Georgia's camp last summer. I like their coaches. I will probably head over there for their Spring game, and if not then, definitely this summer."

What about LSU?

"I went there last summer too. I went to about 15 schools last summer. I had a good talk with their coaches. They have unbelievable facilities, probably one of nicest in the country."

What are Tennessee's positives?

"I have not visited them yet, but they have a great staff, an unbelievable staff. They want to get me up there as soon as possible to check it out. They called last week and want me to come up."


"If I go anywhere on the West Coast this summer, it will be Stanford. They have a great football program and one of the best academic reputations in the country. I also really like their staff."

Which 15 schools did Aaron visit last summer?

"Oh man, I do not want to leave anyone out. I went to LSU, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Florida, Pittsburgh. I can not remember them all but those are a few."

What will be the factors when Aaron tries to narrow it down?

"Well, this will be the place where I spend my next four years, so I will have to be able to get along with the guys for four years. The environment, coaching staff, and tradition will all be equally important. I want to go to a team that can win the national championship each year I am there. I am a competitor. I want to have that chance to win it all."

Aaron carries a 4.6 GPA / 1180 SAT.

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