Recruiting update with Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins (S, Meadville, MS) - Jamie has led Franklin County to back to back state championship appearances. The Bulldogs won it in 2006 and lost the title game in 2007.

During those two years, the 6' 3", 210 pound star has started at both quarterback and safety. He has amassed over 2, 400 yards rushing and 2, 200 yards passing with over 40 TD's during the time frame.

But it is at safety or outside linebacker where most project this talented youngster to land on the next level.

"I like safety. It is like being the quarterback of the defense. I would not mind at all playing safety in college. That is where most everyone is talking to me about playing."

Collins received early scholarship offers from Ole Miss and Auburn at the start of his junior season. Any new ones since this time frame?

"Southern Mississippi offered me. That is about it."

Which colleges are staying in touch the most?

"It is mostly USM and MSU. You know my first cousins Bo (Tillman) and Josh (Tillman) signed with USM, so they want me to go there, but I really want to go to Georgia. That is where I want to go to school."

Any interest from Georgia?

"They have sent me a few letters, but that is about it."

Who else is Collins keeping an eye on?

"I am still looking at USM, Auburn, and MSU. I am still waiting to see what Ole Miss is going to do. Another one of my first cousins, Marcus Tillman, goes there. I am real familiar with it up there because I have been up there a bunch of times, but I have not talked to them since they got their new coach. They just started sending me letters the other day."

When did MSU get in the picture?

"They started recruiting me right after the football season was over."

What is going on with Auburn?

"I have not talk/talk to their coaches. They are just sending a lot of letters."

What about Southern Mississippi?

"Well, you know I know Coach Frank (Wilson) and (Tony) Hughes real good. They recruited me when they were at Ole Miss. Like I said, I have been going up to Ole Miss for a couple years now because Marcus is up there, so I have gotten to know those guys pretty good."

Does Jamie have any phone contact with the colleges who are recruiting him?

"No sir. The only coach I have spoken to is Coach Dunn. He came by the school and we spoke. But that is it. Well, I did get a chance to speak with Coach Hughes the other day at school. He was on the phone with my coach and I spoke to him. He wanted me to come to their Jr Day."

Will Collins attend USM's Jr Day?

"I do not know. I do not have the time right now. I got invited to a lot of them though, like Auburn, MSU, LSU, Ole Miss, USM, and Army, but I do not think I am going to make it to any of them."

Jamie only has one goal during the offseason.

"I just have to keep my grades straight in the classroom. I have to get through the clearinghouse. I am just working on my grades and trying to stay fit and in shape. We want to win one more ring before we leave here."

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