Discusses trip to Ole Miss' Jr Day

Walker May (LB/DE/MS Birmingham, AL) - The 6'3", 210 pound linebacker tripped to Ole Miss for junior day.

May had a solid junior season tallying 96 tackles, 8 sacks, and 2 blocked punts. College coaches took notice and May will have a busy Spring and Summer ahead as his recruitment continues to heat up. Go inside to see what May had to say about his trip to Ole Miss.

"My dad accompanied me to Ole Miss," stated Walker May. "He actually graduated from there but this was my first time to visit the campus."

How did the busy day begin for May?

Walker May

"Well, all the players met in the indoor practice facility. We filled out paper work and met with a few of the coaches. From there, we toured the rest of the practice facility. We walked through the locker room and the rehab pools, tubs, etc. We also were taken to the field and shown the two retired numbers at Ole Miss (#38 and #18). We were then taken by bus to the academic center. I was also impressed with the academic center. It's just for athletes and it can't be over two years old. There are glass doors to all the rooms so that if you fall asleep they know (laughs). Finally, we met at the field house and viewed all of the trophies and met with Coach Nutt."

How did the meeting go with Coach Nutt for the Birmingham product?

"I really enjoyed spending time with Coach Nutt. My father and I had a short meeting with him before we left. He's a really nice guy. He's very easy to talk to. We had a great conversation"

Where is May being recruited to play at Ole Miss?

"I'm being recruited to play defensive end and linebacker. I like them both and could care less which position I play."

What's left on May's calendar?

"I am definitely coming back to Ole Miss for summer camp and probably some practices. I also want to attend camp at Mississippi State. I have a Jr. Day at Vanderbilt some time in the near future."

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